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Innovation Weekend

This event has been canceled.
Friday, April 3, 5 pm to Sunday, April 5, 2020, 5 pm
Oelman Hall
Current Students

Topic: Rapid Chemical and Biological Detection and Mitigation

  • Chemical and biological threats can include intentional attacks such as bioterrorism and chemical warfare, but also includes global epidemics such as SARS or the current COVID19 outbreaks
  • These outbreaks have brought new threats to public health and economic stability as globalization and other factors expand in scope
  • Can we repurpose tools already available to mitigate intentional and natural occurring outbreaks?
  • How can we leverage technology and/or change policy to quickly recognize and deter attacks or outbreaks, thereby allowing faster and more effective responses to manage the consequences?

Solutions may involve the development of nanoscale or sensor technologies to more quickly detect threats, delve into the health policy arena to better address responses, or target broad-spectrum treatments that could provide healthcare workers with better tools to combat outbreaks

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