Honors Teacher of the Year Nomination Deadline

Monday, April 1, 2013, 12 am
Current Students

Each year, University Honors Program students participate in the Honors Teacher of the Year award process by nominating one or more of their Honors teachers for the current academic year. The Honors Teacher of the Year is recognized at the spring Honors graduation reception.

To submit a nomination, write a paragraph or two explaining why you think this person is a great teacher.  Include your name and email address. Nominations may be emailed to honors@wright.edu or dropped it off in the Honors Office (243 Millett Hall).

Honors Program staff are not eligible for nomination, nor are faculty who have received the award within the last five years, namely:

2012 - Christopher Oldstone-Moore
2011 - Sarah Twill
2010 - Jonathan Winkler 
2009 - Carol Nathanson
2008 - Hunt Brown

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