COSM Pub Science

Friday, September 29, 2017, 8 pm to 11 pm
Student Union, Rathskellar
Current Students

Who said you needed to learn science in a classroom? Pub Science is a live—and lively—science talk held in a casual setting. There is no stuffy lecture—the speaker presents the science in lay terms and facilitates a dynamic conversation with the audience. This Pub Science topic is The Science of Beer: Presentation by Christopher Wyatt, Ph.D., Professor and Associate Dean of CoSM.

The talk is designed to appeal to most of our hearts: BEER!  Dr. Wyatt provides a detailed look into the process of making beer. For many years, he has been brewing beer both competitively and recreationally.

At the 2014 Ohio State Fair, he won two gold medals for his beer. Being an expert in science and beer, he talks about the chemistry and biology behind the beer-making process.

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