Asian Heritage Month Presentation: Myanmar: The Land and Its People

Wednesday, April 16, 2014, Noon to 1 pm
Multicultural Lounge, 161 Millett
Future Students
Current Students
The public

'This is Burma', wrote Rudyard Kipling. 'It is quite unlike any place you know about.' How right he was: more than a century later Myanmar remains a world apart. Located in South East Asia, Myanmar is a stunningly beautiful country. Filled with constructions of thousands of Buddhist pagodas, temples and monasteries, it is given the name "the Land of Pagodas.” For the past two years, Myanmar has begun a remarkable transformation, edging toward democracy and moving past the legacy of five decades of military rule. Mai Nguyen, director of the Asian/Hispanic/Native American Center, will present color photographs and mementos which capture the history, culture and the spirit of Myanmar today: the people and their heritage.

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Mia Honaker
Administrative Support Coordinator

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