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Leadership & Communication

"Egos at the Table: Understanding Meeting Behaviors” – Breakout Session IV ONLY

Presenter: Dr. Terry Oroszi, Assistant Professor, Pharmacology & Toxicology, Director, MS Graduate Program, P&T, BOSM; Director, CBRN Defense Certificate Program
When organization members gather in groups of two or more to communicate, problem solve, or make decisions, there are verbal and nonverbal behaviors that may impede effective decision-making.  Non-effective meetings are inefficient, diminish morale and job satisfaction.  The meeting facilitator has the duty to accomplish the objectives of the meeting, ensure that the purpose is clear, maintain order and establish an open process of communication.  However, a group or committee members’ goals may be inconsistent with the facilitator’s agenda.  Often in meetings there is an unspoken power struggle.  Documented issues that impair or interfere with the process or outcome of effective meetings include group members wanting a voice, having their accomplishments heard, or ideas shared.  An additional challenge that contributes to meeting ineffectiveness is a feeling of powerlessness. Although full of poignant ideas, meeting participants who feel powerless, may not have the capacity to express thoughts or concerns. This presentation will discuss the verbal and nonverbal cues that interfere with effective meeting outcomes and provide alternative management strategies to facilitate effective meetings.



"Technology Tools, Tips and Tricks” - Breakout Sessions II and III

Presenter: Wisnu Sugiarto, Graduate Assistant | Graduate School

Come learn about phone apps and other technology tools to help you get organized, stay on track, and be more productive. 


"DUO and Q&A with CaTS” – Breakout Sessions I and III

Presenters: Jonathan Jackson, Manager, Desktop Services | Computing and Telecommunications

BRING YOUR CELLPHONE!  Learn about a new level of cyber security being implemented by Wright State.  DUO is a two-factor authentication


"Microsoft SharePoint: An Overview for New Members” – Breakout Sessions I and III

Presenter: Catherine Anderson, IT Trainer & Communication Coordinator | Computing and TeleCommunications
This session will cover accessing SharePoint, the basic modules and navigation, and information on how to get additional training.

Thinking about using SharePoint or just want to learn more about what it is or what it is capable of doing?  Attend this session and see what this program can do for you!


"Microsoft Outlook” – Breakout Sessions II and IV

Presenter: Branden Combs, IT Trainer & Communications Coordinator | Computing and TeleCommunications
Check back later for more information on this session


"Pivot Tables and VLOOKUP” – Breakout Sessions I and III

Presenter: Ryan Black, Budget Manager | Provost
Tired of manually working with lines and lines of spreadsheets?   Need to learn how to summarize those thousands of lines of data at the click of a mouse?  Learn the basics of Pivot Tables and the VLOOKUP function in Microsoft Excel to find the answers you need and much faster.    Skill Level:  Intermediate


Wright State Finance

"Creating Journal Vouchers in WINGS Express Finance” – Breakout Session I ONLY

Presenter: Lisa May, CMA, Assistant Director Accounting | Office of the Controller
WINGS Express Finance (WEF) users create Journal Vouchers (JVs) to move monies within our WSU chart of accounts (aka FOAPALs). In fiscal year 2017, an average of 800 JVs per month were posted.  Join us as we discuss how to create JVs in WEF, including nuts & bolts of using the web page, tips to enhance efficiency, and best practices to prepare your JV for smooth sailing through approvals to posting and reconciliation. If you are interested in even more information about JVs, this links to the JV chapter in our WINGS Express Finance wiki https://support.wright.edu/financewiki/index.php?title=Journal_Vouchers


"Back to the Basics - Understanding the Fundamentals of Grant Administration” – Breakout Session IV ONLY

Presenter: Glen Jones Director, Post-Award | Research and Sponsored Program
Some Topics to be covered:

  • Salaries and Benefits
  • F&A
  • Budget Revisions
  • Cost Share
  • Allowable vs Unallowable Expenses
  • Grant Closeouts


Personal Finance

"Six Situations When Trusts Make Sense” – Breakout Session I ONLY

Presenter: Tom Culpepper | Culpepper Law, Centerville, Ohio

Do you know the six situations when a trust makes cents (saves you money and protects your money)?  You should, because there is an 80% chance that one of those situations applies to you.


"How to Protect Your Kids and Money If Something Happens to You”

– Breakout Session II ONLY

Presenter: Tom Culpepper | Culpepper Law, Centerville, Ohio
During this seminar, you will discover:

  • How to choose the right guardians for your children and make sure your children are never placed in foster care, even for a minute.
  • How you can ensure that a judge, who doesn’t know you, will not decide who the guardians of your children are.
  • How to avoid the 6 most common mistakes parents make when naming guardians.
  • Why a Will alone is simply not enough to make sure your kids are taken care of the way you want.
  • How to make sure your assets are immediately and privately available to the people you’ve named as guardians.
  • How much life insurance you need.
  • How to keep your immature 18-year-old from inheriting a million dollars in life insurance money.


"Planning for Retirement” – Breakout Sessions II and IV

Presenter: Ryan West | Wright Patt Credit Union
Check back later for more information on this session

University Discovery

"How are Students Recruited” – Breakout Session IV ONLY

Presenters:  Jennifer McCamis, Director for Admissions | Enrollment Management & Jason Champagne,  Associate Director of Graduate Recruitment and Retention | Graduate School

Check back for more information on this session.


"Using Social Media and Sprout Social to Boost Your Department's Recruitment and Retention Efforts” – Breakout Sessions II and III

Presenter: Katie Halberg, Social Media Program Director | Office of Marketing

Join Wright State's social media director to find out if our social media management platform, Sprout Social, can benefit you and your department's efforts to recruit and retain students and talent.


"What's with all the Dashboards?” – Breakout Sessions I and III

Presenters: Office of Institutional Research & Analytics (OIR&A)

Did you know the Office of Institutional Research & Analytics (OIR&A) provides a variety of dashboards on enrollment, student credit hours, tuition revenue, DFWX rates, to name just a few, on its website?  Join the OIR&A staff for a quick review of the dashboards--what's available, how to access it, and how to use it. There will also be a discussion of dashboards in development and what other dashboards and metrics people would like to see.


"Tour the Creative Arts Center and Tom Hanks Center for Motion Pictures” – Breakout Sessions II and IV

Presenters: Dr. Stuart McDowell, Ph.D., Professor and Artistic Director, Department of Theatre, Dance, and Motion Pictures | Theatre Arts 

Take a guided tour of these gems of Wright State.


Health and Wellness

"Personal Wellness Goal Setting” - Breakout Sessions I and IV

Presenter: Doug Newton, M.S. Wellness Program Director | Human Resources
Check back later for more information on this session


"Walk the Tunnels” – Breakout Sessions II and IV

Presenter: Jennifer Turpin, M.A., Assistant Director, Fitness and Wellness Campus Recreation | Student Union
Explore the tunnels and find ways to reach your 10,000 steps even in the middle of winter.


Discover Your Community

"Get to Know Fairborn” – Breakout Sessions I, II, III and IV

Presenters: Rob Anderson, Fairborn City Manager & Michael Gebhart, Economic Development Director
Find out what's happening in our own backyard.  Hear from Fairborn's City Manager and Director of Economic Development about what makes Fairborn such a great part of our community.



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