Science Olympiad 2017


Division B Schedule

Division C Schedule

The following events have switched rooms as of 5/16/17.

Please notify your students in Chem Lab & Forensics.  Signs will be posted with the update.

  • Chem Lab - C-Division will now be in Brehm Lab 064
  • Forensics - C-Division will now be in Fawcett Hall 119

Online Self Scheduled Events

Event Sign Up System (ESUS): The ESUS allows you to select times for "self-scheduled" events. You will receive your password and UserID prior to Saturday, May 6, with more information on how to sign up for the self-scheduled events. If you do not receive it by Saturday, May 6, contact CeAnn Chalker

These sites will go live on Sunday, May 7:

There are only 60 time slots available for each event, 10 per time period except for the Trial Events. The time slots fill up fast. We are not able to add more teams per each time slot once they are full. Please be prepared to choose a different time slot for an event if the time slot you want is full. The sites will remain open until Tuesday, May 16, at noon EDT for any changes if time slots are available.