Science Olympiad 2017

Competition Details

Schedule Conflicts

Teams are not allowed to make schedule swaps with other teams and supervisors are not permitted to grant any time changes in the posted team schedule. The national tournament schedule is set with no exceptions allowed for individual team conflicts. Almost all the teams coming to the national tournament have conflicts to work around since the state schedule is rarely identical to the national schedule. Supervisors are encouraged to allow late students to enter if it does not disrupt the event, but no extra time will be granted. So, wherever possible, avoid scheduling a student in back-to-back events.

Trial Events 

Trial events are open to all team members and alternates.  The trial events do not count toward the team total for team place.

Event Sign Up System (ESUS)

The Self Scheduling System allows you to select times for "self-scheduled" events. You will receive your password and userid prior to May 6, 2017 with more information on how to sign up for the self scheduled events. If you did not receive it by May 6, contact CeAnn Chalker at  The site will go live on Sunday, May 7, 2017.  Site will remain open until Monday May 16, 2017 at noon eastern.  After this time, to reserve a slot for an event, you will need to speak directly with an event supervisor on May 20, 2017 prior to 8:00 am.

Homerooms: See room assignments (.xlsx)

Homerooms are assigned for the benefit and ease of team preparations.  They will be available starting at 6:00 am Saturday morning and are not available on Friday night.  Some rooms are spacious while others are rather small.  With limited classroom space, most teams are assigned to occupy the room with other teams.  We cannot accommodate room changes. The information on the Homeroom page is for planning purposes only.  Please note – if rooms are not left in the condition that they were entered, cleaning charges may be applied to all teams that are assigned to the room. Please dispose of all garbage and return chairs to their original locations. Do not touch any computer equipment or projection systems in the room.

Wristband Procedures

  1. Students will not be allowed to compete without wristbands, so please make sure that you have 15 wristbands in your package.  You will have signed off on the fact that there are 15 wristbands in the packet. 
  2. Wristbands are to be placed securely on the wrist of the 15 competing team member that are on the turned-in roster on Saturday morning before competitions begin (tight enough so that it cannot be slipped off-but not too tight). It may be confiscated if it can be slipped off. 
  3. If a wristband is defective or damaged, the coach and student must bring the band to headquarters (Student Union) for validation and replacement before they are allowed to compete
  4. Event Supervisors will check students to see that students have their wristband in place before their event begins.


According to National Rules, at the end of the Science Olympiad National Tournament Awards Ceremony each team’s head coach will be provided one copy of the final scores. Places are tentative and may change if any scoring inconsistencies are brought to the attention of the arbitrators and verified within one hour after the ceremony is completed. If changes occur, the appropriate medals and trophies will be awarded. Teams will not be asked to return awards. In the rare case of a problem, call the National Tournament Director (head coach only). Scores for the National Science Olympiad are not official until they are posted on the website. For more information about Science Olympiad Scoring, please visit our Policies section.

If you feel there is an error in the scores, it must be reported within 1 hour of the Awards Ceremony.


Team registration will be at the Student Union Endeavour Room on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning. Only coaches are to come to registration, please do not bring your team.

  • Thursday - 8 a.m. – 7 p.m.
  • Friday - 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.
  • Saturday– 6 a.m. – 8 a.m. in the Student Union Event Services Office (196, next to the bookstore)

Each team will receive at registration:

  • 15 wrist bands for competition day
  • 15 student back sacks
  • 15 WSU SONT pins
  • 1 coach tote and 1 gift
  • 16 nametag pouches
  • 16 programs
  • 16 foldable maps
  • Name tags for all students and coaches registered on the team
  • Any meal tickets that have been pre-purchased
  • An assortment of other information materials pertinent to your team

Additional items may be purchased at the bookstore for the extra students on your team including:

  • Pins
  • Nametag pouches
  • Backsacks
  • Plus other merchandise

Adult Intervention with Student Devices Reminder

As a reminder to all adults (coaches, parents, spectators, etc.), Science Olympiad is a student competition. As such, the student participants are expected to be the only people assembling, adjusting, fixing, or operating devices. To that end, we ask that all adults attending the National Tournament adhere to the Science Olympiad Code of Ethics & General Rules, the Building and Tools Policy, and the Parent’s Pledge which all describe acceptable levels of adult support (found at Please use your best judgement in terms of helping and mentoring. Failure to abide by these policies can result in penalties and other consequences for your team.


Only students from the 15-member competing team roster wearing the official SONT wristband may impound devices. Alternates and adults are not allowed to impound devices.