Regional Summit 2015

Regional Summit

Thank you for participating in Wright State University’s virtual Regional Summit. The annual summit is designed to engage thought leaders from across the Dayton and West Central Ohio Regions to help us understand how Wright State University can better serve our communities.

This year’s summit will help shape the Wright State of tomorrow. By participating in the Regional Summit survey, you will contribute to our branding initiative.

In 2013, President David R. Hopkins and the Board of Trustees initiated a comprehensive branding process to define the Wright State identity and refresh our overall messaging. Think of our brand as our reputation.

How we treat our students, how we welcome people to our campuses, the way we speak with one voice about our university, and our visual identity—these elements and many more are what define us.

We began our branding initiative with extensive research that included focus groups, interviews, and surveys with stakeholder groups, current students, high school students, parents, faculty, staff, alumni, and employers. Thousands of people have been involved.

From that, we understand how Wright State is known for more than our diverse educational opportunities and innovation. Just imagine the courage of the Wright brothers, our namesakes, as they lifted off the Earth. Our students reflect similar courage today as they persevere to achieve their goals, changing not only their lives, but also those of their families and of generations to come.

With that knowledge, we created a draft internal brand positioning statement to guide our thinking. You’ll see that in the survey.

Now we’re exploring the role an updated logo might play in our overall brand. We’ve been testing a variety of logos and have reached some critical junctures, such as whether to keep the traditional Wright B flyer or move to a modern representation of a plane; how do we capture the global nature of our reach; and what is the best way to communicate the value of education beyond high school to the region and state. Therefore, we’d like your opinion on a set of logos. The type font is the same on all of the logos you will see.

Together, we are creating a brand that truly reflects how Wright State is a university for the 21st century; for the world.