Regional Summit at Wright State University

Regional Summit

2012 Regional Summit

Driving Prosperity

On August 15, 2012, Wright State President David R. Hopkins met with distinguished business, political, and community leaders to discuss how higher education can partner with the community to inspire and develop initiatives to drive prosperity in our region. Read the full story and watch video highlights in the Wright State Newsroom

Comments from the 2012 Summit

Below please find comments generated at the Regional Summit tables in response to three  questions posed at the August 15 event. If you wish to review the comments made at a particular table to a specific question, click on the question first and the table number second. Thank you for participating in the Regional Summit.

Question 1

As you look out into the future, what are those emerging opportunities for our region? Commercialization of research and development? Building our talent pool?

Table 1

Feedback from companions

  • Prologs- mapping and sharing with external partners
  • Internships and collaborations with external entities
    • Seem to have barriers to deliver
    • Lacking in delivery — idea concept is great but misses on execution
  • Dayton regional STEM center
    • Collaboration between industry and educators
    • Need to develop this to expand success in region and beyond
  • As we commercialize, what is the risk to students research and academic success
  • UAE & UAS — build on this opportunity
    • Unmanned air flight
    • Change management & communications management
  • Networking — with local enterprises
  • Expand on Arts majors in the sciences — the creativity and innovation
  • WPAFB — commercialization of AFRL and military technology
    • For civilian applications
    • Benefits the region 

Table 2

·       Emerging opportunities

  • Hi Ed better partnerships
    • Training employees
    • Respect based communication skills in addition to STEM skills
    • Most employers, issues with folks don’t have Cooper Farm integrity skills
    • Stress in the curriculum equal/ more value
    • Core you need to build on
    • Profound respect for the individual
    • What trumps great co.- organizational healthy relationship with employees
    • Connect people to jobs
    • Sell themselves or rapport short
    • Be here, get there directly, pathway
    • Young people- value of higher education
    • Taking advantage of every resource
    • People need to think more win-win
    • Our region-good prospects
  • Are these barriers to effective collaboration?
    • Realizing opportunities
    • Howard use CUPA
    • Fear of getting outside, release of control
    • University runs more like business? Airlines, automotive
    • Higher Ed- people flock from all over the world
    • Job process- Discipline to get degree
      • Work with others
      • Set goal and achieve it
    • Technical skills- have to teach ourselves
    • Create a bond among higher ed
      • Dual degrees or programs
    • Branding
      • What is WSU, Wilberforce, etc? Niche

Table 3

Emerging Opportunities:

  • Humanoid aerial vehicles
  • Need for aerospace
  • Collaboration among universities – Clark State, WSU
  • Private/Public ventures
  • Advancements in internal resources- reduction in health care costs
  • Protecting health care- privacy-compatibility
  • Cyber security
  • Advancement in technology- continuing plan to fall back on- unit failure
  • Energizing opportunities- MHRS expiration
  • Research- new area- pharmaceuticals- timeline- attraction- farm base area
  • Redevelopment CEMEX into commercial property. ROI for both partners
  • Apparent Research
    • 4 yr. programs have to have more time in the real world, class

Internships- private vs. credit

City of Fairborn- serious budget issues- several interns from Sinclair- free serving labor- speaking to city council- value in connecting with universities- sponsor internships for each university

Value in establishing relationships between communities

Bringing the university to the company- wonderful asset

Clean deliberation who the prospects are at WSU- who to call- at grill – Alumni Assoc. - how do we go back

Organization with Human Resources- not enough time for organizer- perception issues

Table 4

Student Enterprises

  • 3rd Frontier

3rd Frontier

  • Support He fuel exchanging partnerships

Professors- what more to do; time to move another step

Students- bring more ideas with more internship ideas

Stay minimal and agile

Capital- find better way to get it

All things internship- how do we find

  • Unmanned AV
  • Undergraduate research
  • Material management
  • IT
  • Medial/ pharmaceutical
  • Agriculture -> food + bio sciences, organic STEM school
  • Manufacturing (cost of energy mines)
  • Share properties (air force training in one area)

Table 5

WSRI- University and Business

Sabbatical- spend in industry

Greater integration – Personal exchange

  • To be able to teach applied skills beneficial to the students
  • Better job communicating (univ.)
  • Educators go out as the business people come in: business people interactivity with faculty

Table 6

Future emerging needs

  • Opportunities to collaborate

Combine efforts between schools, cities

Economize (economy of scale)

  • eg. Bus maintenance
  • Healthcare (employee health care plan)
  • Tax break requests from businesses
  • Eg. Gas lanes
  • Janitorial services

Municipalities are weak in government

Trade commission to Turkey

3 mayors

WSU, UD reps, too weak individually

International commerce

Dayton as gateway

WSU as Centre of consortium

Business + WSU => less local municipal restrictions, etc. -> Barriers to business development

WSU Business School can facilitate communication. As leader in community, job to educate city officials in a business savvy way. 

Table 7

  1. 70/75 Corridor-Trans hub- degree in log mgt.
  2. Unmanned aerial systems
  3. Cyber security and cyber warfare
    1. Network based
    2. Autonomous cyber systems (phones on airplanes) how do we build trusted systems from untrusted components? E.g. components from suppliers around the world are shipped to U.S. without any controls
      1. WPAFB connection-Centerville has one of 14 facilities in the country
    3. How to energize resources without causing panic?
    4. “Cyber Maryland” We need to publicize our Master’s degree in Cyber- needs a champion
    5. Program on awareness of cell phones vulnerability, pacemaker vulnerability.
  4. Healthcare Opportunities
    1. Neuro-research
    2. Premier and Kettering Health Networks WSU Med. School
    3. 3T functional MRI system
  5. Manufacturing base is not operating at capacity
    1. Find new applications
      1. E.g. renewable energy technology
      2. Use former Delphi structure 

Table 8

  • Arts opportunities for growing organizations and collaborating- arts as entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Challenge is to find resources and get community attention as priority. Need to strengthen Culture Works
  • Take advantage of amenities, riverfront, Louisville model
  • Creative class concept- how do you get that widely known and embraced
  • Opportunity to embrace and address diversity as community value-educate people about inclusion (WSU Advantage)
  • Get to young people earlier- prepare students for college- college readiness and persistence
  • Welcome Datong plan-embrace immigration initiatives and entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Better promote Dayton’s assets-Collaboration and marketing
  • STEAM punk- young people use as opportunity for Dayton-have event. Combines art, history and technology. Also maker fairs (inventor’s fairs)
  • Transportation hub 70-75
  • What can/should we do about forthcoming inevitable combination of Dayton and Cincinnati? Whose identity takes over?
  • Nonprofits-opportunity to collaborate with university in job growth area. Nonprofit leadership alliance

Table 10

  • Energy Opportunities
  • Transportation related technologies
    • Automotive
    • Aerospace
  • Go beyond WPAFB
  • Adv Medicine and dual use application
  • “Hub of Innovation”
  • Local talent pool
  • Raider country zone needs to be bigger
  • Expanding the story
  • Patient care (tech based)
  • Med instruments
  • Reporting on health care
  • Tech supply
  • Sustainability of agriculture
  • Food needs
  • Commercialization or R & D
  • Increasing awareness of capability of WSU & WSRI
  • Supporting the *** for changing cultures
    • Industrial, engineering
  • Jumping off point for ideas
  • Creating a nurturing environment for entrepreneurship
  • Support network for ‘valley of death’
  • Talent pool
  • Produce more, better target
  • Diversify, intellectual capability within the ***
  • New program on sustainability
  • Distance learning programs and residency for training programs
  • Soft skills
  • Growing more diverse talent pool for business community
    • (E.g. Hispanics. Women)
  • English in summer at Lake campus

Table 11

*Carefully Strategize plan

  • Commercialization, determine opportunities at institutions and move forward
  • Lack of exposure of intellectual property at universities
  • Faculty don’t know of opportunities 

Table 12

  1. 2012 OBR  Report “The Condition of H.E. in Ohio”
    1. Theme- Collaboration with Ind
    2. Tech. Commercialization
    3. Funding Continuum
    4. Comm & DB for info sharing
    5. “Entrepreneurial Curriculum”
    6. Diff skill sets (not just STEM)
    7. Measureable Outcomes

Table 14

·       VAVS:

Cross dome expertise

  • Cyber security
  • Social Media
    • Service Activity
    • Better connection with customer & employees
  • Getting “back to” calling of inventors

Table 15


  • Sustainability opportunities, green energy initiatives, opportunities for entrepreneurship
    • Service, management
  • Diversify our opportunities as needed to weather difficulties. Mercer county has done well because of its agriculture, **, manufacturing solutions. Diversification has helped.
    • Takes a lot of ideas
  • Healthcare is an opportunity
  • International businesses- specific of South of Border boarder and has provided growth here & opportunities to do business with Latin America. America- need for IT (partnership with Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Ohio)
  • Partnership with Chamber of Commerce of Ohio
  • Tech opportunities from WPAFB- BRAC we need to do more with that ambition. Take the technology to market. Maximize the value of Wright Patt
  • Do a Summer with International Chamber Energy Development is a big opportunity of commerce

Table 16

  1. Need great Dayton Public Scholars (of Syracuse Scholars), Better Job of preparing youth to take over of existing technology
  2. WSU play greater role in Welcome Dayton Plan
  3. Quality of life: arts, housing, education
  4. Improve Business Environment
  5. Life-Long learning for seniors and continued education e.g. UD program
    1. Partner, extend the options/reach

Table 17

    • Use curriculum from defense related institution and incorporate into their education
  • Increase utility of partnership between AFRL & WSU.
  • Build global relationships- expertise in other countries could offer partnerships.
  • Champion in the region
  • WSU business looking at jobs, look outside the area for employment opportunities, cyber R:D, UAV’s, IT

Table 21

Resources: too much dependence on WPAFB- need to explore beyond that

Technology- ideas

Education                               ED

Federal- WPAFB                                   Feds

Medical- health                                                     Meds     => Services- do more produce wealth

Dependent on public sector $ = under attack

Shifted to philanthropic & private

Need to expand outside Ed, Feds, Meds

Being responsible for own future- entrepreneurial spirit

Commercialization- trains our students = faculty protects IPVED, NDAs, etc.

Innovation not necessarily related to technology eg. Clay Mathill success story

Need to add value

Need a lot of small things. Getting up on technology

How to increase the value of a lesson

Student with debt, no more defueled beneficial programs

Table 24

  • Collaboration with WPAFB-AFRL. Get Science, Technology, Math students, not just Engineering Students.
  • Finding other large employers, movers & shakers in the region and form partnerships with them (not just AF)-be proactive in seeking them out
  • Don’t rely on WPAFB-AFRL for constant support, budgets are shrinking
    • Lend WSU knowledge base to areas of WPAFB where budgets are shrinking to form strategic partnerships
  • Entrepreneurship model assistance for faculty to commercialize and create startups with research
  • Extend partnership with WPAFB so that other community partners can benefit from that resource
  • Provide business/sales support to entrepreneurs so they can focus on product. (Critical thinking on business side)
  • Don’t stifle entrepreneurship with criticism, change paradigm away from being “risk averse”
    • “calculate risks”
  • Can a State/Government agency really become entrepreneurial in such a bureaucratic environment?
  • Recognize the difference in culture between pure entrepreneurialism and University entrepreneurialism 

Question 2

How can our local higher education work with you to forge better, more effective partnerships to take advantage of the emerging opportunities? DO we need to better standardize your relationships with the higher education institutions?

Table 1

  • Regular Meetings with State, Federal, Local Legislators
  • Enlarge Local District Staff
  • Social media, email, text, etc.
  • Networking for career opportunities
  • Student perspective- retention can be driven by employment opportunities through networking and relationship building
    • How can this be improved?
  • Alumni events and communicating to our students at the graduate and professional level
  • Legislators' breakfasts, regular meetings

Table 2

  • Better communication between public and private
  • Business liaison
  • You would like to utilize University but don’t know where to start
  • Where to start the conversation with University

Table 3

  1. More outreach- Dr. Sweeny serves as Ba. Strategic planning assistance program with WSU dealing with community – strengths and weaknesses
  2. Easy for companies- do most of their job for them
  3. SOCHE- can they be the clearinghouse- already navigate the universities
  4. Montgomery Co. Job Center- go out and fair the opportunities- bring the bundled portion of employees
  5. Worried about having employees- without jobs; quit showing up for work; universities conducting forum groups- what do you want purpose
  6. What is University going to have in 5-10 years- mound laser
  7. Work ethic- entry level or start higher- more promotion
  8. More open market places in higher education
  9. Concentrate in CEO’s- limit $- jobs needs in public/ private

Table 4

Makes more simple- call in and get someone assigned to stick with it forever, not shifting from staff to staff

  • Take a team approach but coordinate
  • Move the can-do people into jobs that can help; move the rest to the back

Table 5

What is in them for me?

  • Someone from industry coming in for a week at university
  • Externship
  • Variety= Feds, meds and Ed, most in those three =Focused
  • Have a time making connections in university
  • Small Business
    • Works with WSRI
    • Starving artist synchronize, do not have the same level of resource
  • If university has an entrepreneurial template, someone at university to provide advice
  • Better publicity needed
  • Fostering business transition into SB Center
  • People without jobs; help people retool their skills
  • Continuing Education- update knowledge
  • Nationally recognized certificates
  • Basic skills of arriving on time, able to learn
  • Teach work ethic
  • Teach students the soft social skills value system, basic etiquette as part of the general education goals
  • For Entrepreneurs
    • Train workers punctuality
    • Case worker, mentors
  • WSU- first generation students need soft skills
  • Continuing educators/professionals  geared toward helping retool skills so can find jobs

Table 6

Plan to educate

Research to show effectiveness of coordinated/unified business strategies for each municipality in region

Some cities are doing that

 Mission of WSU should be to make a difference, not a profit

Educate the local communities to work together. Eg. Louisville, KY; Indianapolis, IN -> more efficient

Cities give up autonomy, but ensure sustainability

Motivation should be forces on local municipalities

  • Tax savings
  • Buying power

Research as WSU to show + Educate

Table 7

  1. Chris Wallace’s Process Map Idea
  2. Biggest barriers are internal (as in other Universities)
    1. Difficult to work with different colleges-(internal comp for resources, tenure and unique issues
    2. Note Ryan Fendley has helped is a notable exception
    3. Can we create a culture of collaboration in teaching in teams and classes that are cross college

Table 8

  • Entrepreneurship centers for the arts and liberal arts at WSU. For liberal arts students first then results in start-up businesses. Interdisciplinary, gives students assistance in launching business. Incubator, how do you incorporate this into the curriculum?
  • Embed services within departments or colleges- business school can do business plans, students act as consultants.

Table 10

  • Partnership with higher education
  • Embedded faculty members
    • E.g. Medicine
    • Increases modes of communication to produce compatibility
  • Increase need to work with ethnic communities
    • One stop shop/mode of access
    • University needs to understand who answers survey
    • Standardize
    • Increasing
  • Open up Alumni access to different state holders
  • Virtual communities for partnership
    • Creates more home-grown story
    • Support network
    • Industry-academic consortium

Table 11

  • Focus on unique features/faculties that are portents for our community
  • Create more business awareness across campus
  • Incubation for entrepreneurs, funder’s development and introductions to investors. (Third Frontier Funders)
  • Can we find ways to get industry needs to students

Table 14

Make “How to connect” clearer


More definition of skillset needs

Cross domain entrepreneurships

Table 15

  • Higher Education and partnerships with business
  • Need relationships that are more strategic in approach
    • Locally & internationally
  • Chamber of Commerce- perspectives
    • WSU invests in local business Jim Leftwich Proposal
  • Focuses on both bringing in new business but also help the older, established business, grow, change, adapt to changing environment
  • Lake campus has been very helpful and should be a model of how this can be done
  • Continuing education is a real need
    • Continued education
    • Certification progress
  • Workforce development for those already in the field
  • There does seem to be a real interest from this group in continuing education
  • Have WSU be a mature business development center?
    • Not start ups, but existing businesses. This center could also be from business community

Table 16

  • Local Buying Invitations- Strategic
    • city, city Governments, Hospitals
  • Increase local buying. ***
  • Lack of knowledge, better communication of community and resources at WSU
  • Regional Business expo: Big Floor of Nutter Center, lots of silos

Table 17

  • R. D. commercialization. Expertise is all there, where to get funding?
  • Roundtables with business community to understand emerging opportunities in emerging industries
  • President Hopkins, Champion of the region? Think more regionally
  • Look at its (WSU) niche- help train while someone is getting security clearances
  • Partner with ATIC and help students obtain better career options with security clearance
    • No cost to government for clearances
  • A couple day for an intern to get clearance
  • A couple weeks for others
  • Intelligence degrees (Penn State)
  • Student volunteers to support local not for profit volunteer organizations. UVC 101? Incentive volunteer rate increase awareness of UVC 101 and other programs
  • Long term volunteer

Table 21

Agra business – uses OSU

Greene County- no more Ag agent- not serving Agra business 

How to serve? Better business models

Antioch- more innovated in tech world

Table 24

  • Can’t standardize relationships-must pay attention to unique differences
  • Assign each faculty member to a local business and have them assess how we can partner/assist/support, etc.
    • Some do this informally, make it a more formal process
  • Civic engagement, service- don’t always attach monetary component. Focus more on Stewardship and Friendship.
    • Triple bottom line profit, people, planet, pursue sustainable attitudes within the community
  • Grant honorary titles to partners, visitors, collaborators to keep them connected, bought into the University (e.g. “visiting Professor”)
    • Model used by Harvard, Yale, Cornell
  • Leverage strengths (accessibility, Military-Friendly, Service learning
    • Hammer these into the community
  • Continue to connect WSU w/WPAFB in the minds of the region, nation
  • Standardize process for collaborating, partnering with the University to make it easier for private entities. Maybe dedicate staff to that (Community engagement person? Public Affairs) Administrative-level support to oversee this process.
    • Many areas that touch on this (Public Affairs, Development CUPA) - but nothing to tie them all together.
  • Form a Higher Education Coalition that addresses University-Community partnerships to take advantage of economies of scale for things like internships. (Best practice sharing, etc.)
    • Regional Summit is a good start for this process.
    • Creates opportunities. Benefits for many constituencies
      • E.g. Community Colleges, Diverse Schools (OSU, Wilberforce)
      • Selective Admission
      • Open Admission
  • Reintroduce Midwest as more education-centered
  • Emphasize partnerships with other Universities in the state
    • Use those to seek more opportunities for embedding students, collaborating on commercialization, etc.
    • Work together to make Ohio higher ranker in educational areas, economic areas, etc.
  • Work with other universities to combat exodus of talent
  • Make Dayton “known” for something like it used to be to attract and retain talent
    • Logistics, micro innovations, etc.
  • Coordinate strengths and use them to generate healthy, positive competition and innovation
  • Competition for students very minimal because local universities serve different student populations, have different missions

Question 3

What are those remaining barriers that we have which limit your ability to more fully utilize this regional asset- Wright State University?

Table 1

  • Why are community colleges so much easier to work with?
  • Perception of WSU at the local H.S. Student level
    • WSU is second-rate, sub-par, lower standards
    • Recruiting and communications campaign at high schools
  • Promote our success via Media
  • Engage H.S. guidance counselors at local level (Beavercreek, Centerville, Bellbrook)-promote
  • Possible sponsorship of Engineering labs by local industry 

Table 2

  • Possible community engagement officer
  • Office group, something/someone in the know of the Universities strategic plan to create initiative between public and private 

Table 3


  1. Fairborn vs. Dayton WSU mailing address- university identified as part of Fairborn municipality perception
  2. Ambassador Programs- very good. Think WSU is fine- come to Council Meetings- Come and tout WSU
    1. Example: DP & L- create relationships- Ambassador Program now has access. Outreach accessible Ambassador always available
  3. Sharing a Dublin Poling Research- access to any research that is non-proprietary
  4. Need to put forth more of what Wright State is- not  advertising what our partners are
  5. Fee for service- also indicate what services are available free vs. for charge

Arts- assets that WSU has + community needs to see

Feeling that Music Department- more of a conservatory now

How does the university communicate who it is at?

  • Ambassadors
  • Speakers
  • All phones
  • Being out of here- into community
  • Expansion
  • Knowledge says $100MM rename
  • Not done a good job if telling community what we are about
  • Increasing residential community

Changing lives- not branded

Media Sources- advertising- have to engage all alumni

Good IQ

Fairborn Community Day- looking for opportunities to engage alumni in community. Food pantries, clothing drives, painting homes, engage out alumni

Chapters- Mercer Co.

Table 4

Money- where to get investment funds? How to utilize


How do we solve problems with the resources we already have

Table 5

Career Services- placement of alumni

Table 6

Barriers in working with WSU


Leadership very accessible

  • International presence/representation weak
  • Accessibility not well publicized
    • People are pleasantly surprised
  • Suggest more connection with businesses
  • Website no publicize successful partner
  • Workshop focused on municipality officials, in addition to businesses
  • Help local business with overseas markets and official contracts
  • Survey city officials to identify challenges before summit

Clark State U.

  • K-12, college, work force
  • Options for pathway into university then workforce

Gateway Program between WSU and Clark

Students start with WSU advisor even though student at Clark or WSU student -> Clark remedial

K-12 -> work -> university

  • Stackable certificate programs — accumulate in university degree
  • Examples certifications — associates and bachelor’s degree
  • Already available need to make it
  • Need to make students more quickly employable
  • Business can help identify area/skills internships important!

Table 7

  1. How do you incentivize collaboration- make it part of the promotion and tenure process
  2. Connect community engagement to P&T process
  3. Cross college student projects
  4. Internal role- we need to educate our faculty on behaving as members of the WSU University rather than a certain department. Break down silos from bottom-up
  5. Culture
    1. Better job of educating the community as to what resources are available here. How?
      1. Partner with econ dev. Groups
      2. WSU does best job of communicating with chambers in this area (Tony Ortiz and Berkwood Farmer)
      3. Responsive, collaborating & providing support
      4. Filter info to city groups (e.g. Hispanic) to promote new programs
      5. Take co-op internship program to new level
        1. Some difficulty in trying to set up internships- Need to make this easier!!!!
        2. Internships as a path to career opportunity
        3. Find more flexible internship structures to meet needs of students with various needs
        4. Can we create more collaboration and cross-college opportunities through internships
        5. More events like the Joshi (8/14/12) Lexis Nexis Global Leadership Conf
        6. Cross pollinating- give finance people practical app & engineer students business perspective
        7. Stanford program (Certificate) available in Dayton (National Security Studies)- For Engineers and Scientists
        8. Need to compete with this because it’s at Stanford tuition rates!
    2. How do we make the University more “Entrepreneurial?”
      1. J. Leftwich model- participation in co-ownership interest
        1. Expand thus!
      2. Tell our story- e.g. of success stories involving faculty. Students (Wright Bros)
        1. Make it part of the culture
    3. Is the focus on “entrepreneurism” too narrow? What does it mean to an engineer, for example? Should it be “innovation" or something else instead?
    4. Need to go beyond the STEM skills, e.g. STEAM 3-Combining STEM w/arts
    5. E.g. need to understand other languages and cultures

Table 8

  • Knowledge of WSU programs
  • Hard to know who to call- need single stop for information/ombudsperson. WSU connect, resource page
  • Hard to determine institutional priorities from outside.
  • Process mapping

Table 10

  • Lack of awareness of capabilities
    • Need more marketing
  • Lack of process
    • Road map
  • Support for **** problems (Tech or business related and seek solution)

Table 11

  • Conflict between university’s openness and need for confidentiality for business
  • Incentive: structure in university
    • Needs major restructuring
  • Difference in speed of process between business and higher education: more to speeding up university to business handoff
  • University is afraid of taking risks, must change mindset. Enter projects with knowledge that failure is okay
  • Must have a more accountable system of decision making in universities. Committee structure and consensus not sufficiently flexible for business success

Table 15

  • Our graduates need communication skills that mesh with the current technology
  • Respectful communication
  • The graduates need business etiquette
  • Don’t know how to dress, act, be polite, communicate
    • IT manners, IPhone usage
  • Partner with “women in business” on better etiquette
  • Continue to reach out to the business community
  • Business certification program for entry
  • No big barriers
  • Main problem is moving out intellectual comfort into the business side. How to divide the profits
  • Used to be a barrier for 4 year programs
  • Need to continue to expand 4 year performance to grant competency in tech and management

Table 16

  • Reaching out to community as a whole
  • No one understands the assets of the University
  • Feels DDC has been a dividing force in the community
  • What should WSU leadership role be in the community- transformational change?
  • Better Message- from president to local chamber liaison- two way street. Get that message out to the University
  • Bad Geography
  • Engage Alumni
  • How to position WSU not as of Higher Education, but as community resource- from internal focus to external focus, for the future
  • WSU-Community Perspective of Nutter Center, Make more use of it
  • One message from Presentations: Higher education can help a diverse spectrum of businesses. Retailers, farms, software developers, technology-based research orgs
    • Must have milestones--- Milestones should be a go/no go. Be willing to kill a failure
    • This is a much-needed program. Many corporations have reduced or eliminated research. 

Table 17

  • Better communication of what WSU has to offer
  • Motivate volunteerism, show benefit to students
    • Banner- lack of motivation
  • Show value of work experience to student help with employment
  • Study abroad opportunities, allow student to build relationships to take advantage of opportunities
  • Make classes outside of major more accessible
    • Closed off to non-majors

Table 21

Agra = Lake Campus = hardworking because they are place bound

No current argeements w/Antioch

Greene Giving

Let young people know that entrepreneurships are an option

Get ready to take care of yourself

The region needs to reinvent itself 

Table 24

  • Diversity- not being tapped into
    • Women, people of color, people with physical, mental disabilities- especially in STEM disciplines
  • Need commitment to this diversity component
  • Utilize incarcerated population to fill in workforce needs (e.g. Farming) and reduce recidivism
  • Reputation barriers- improve marketing/PR combat “Wright State, Wrong University” by serving as ambassadors of the University in the community, actively spread positive works of the University in the region.