Regional Summit at Wright State University

Regional Summit

2011 Virtual Summit Videos

The 2011 Regional Summit—Wright State Means Jobs—was a virtual event. The focus was on excellence in programs that may not be housed in Ohio Centers, but are still transforming the communities we serve.

President Hopkins | Regional Summit Introduction

President David R. Hopkins introduces the 2011 Regional Summit Videos

Jim Petro | Higher Education

Higher education is the most important part of any opportunity for economic growth.

Chris Wallace | President of Wright Solution Partners

Wright Solution Partners leverages Wright State innovation, speeding the commercialization of the university's technology-based research solutions including examples from the Nursing Institute...

Vikram Sethi | Wright State University Institute of Defense Studies and Education

The one-of-a-kind institute is serving a need to develop and teach core content that caters completely to students from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and the Department of Defense.

Joanie Hendricks | We Serve U

The We Serve U program encourages Wright State staff to give their time and skills to engage in significant, organized community service opportunities each term...

David Lawrence | Dayton Regional STEM School

The school’s mission is to develop the next generation of science and technology professionals in collaboration with local businesses and education partners...

Richard Sherwood | Morphological Sciences and Biostatistics for the Lifespan Health Research Center

The Lifespan Health Research Center contributes to the public health and the economic growth of the region.

Nathan Klingbeil | First-Year Engineering Program

Wright State’s innovative curriculum in engineering is benefitting students on campus and beyond.

Carl Brun | Social Work Initiatives

Social work resources, requirements and initiatives effectively prepare students for careers and facilitate community service.

Chris Widener | Ohio Senator

Higher Education's important role in revitalizing Ohio's economy

Marlena Akhbari | Financial Services

Wright State is a key player in meeting a growing demand for financial professionals in the region

Veteran and Military-Connected Students Initiatives

Wright State is playing an integral role in placing veteran and military students in co-ops and internships that lead to jobs

Dawne Dewey | University Special Collections and Archives

Wright State protects local history, which attracts new business

Jack Dustin | Center for Urban and Public Affairs

Wright State assists with workplace problems, thereby saving jobs and helping create others

Greg Homan | Lake Campus Agriculture Program

Wright State’s Lake Campus is filling a need for students who thought they’d never go to college because college appeared to be too far away from the family farm

Jim Runkle | The Wright State Woods

Wright State’s woods, a unique resource vital to quality of life in our area

Larry James | School of Professional Psychology

Wright State has embarked on several mental health projects that will create treatment centers in blighted areas of our community and create jobs

Cathy Sayer | Service-Learning

Wright State is training the social work and outreach professionals of the future for service in the Dayton region

Women's Center and Women's Studies

This video describes the history and benefits of the unique programming model of the Wright State University Women's Center and Women's Studies Program.