Midwest Cognitive Science Conference


PDF of program and abstracts is available here.

Registration will open at 5:00pm on Friday and 7:30am on Saturday.

Friday, May 30

  • 5:30 — 8:00 Poster Session and Reception (WSU Union)

Saturday, May 31

  • 7:30 — 8:30 Breakfast
  • 8:30 — 9:30 Attention and Perception (Endeavour)
    Group and Social Processes I (Discovery)
  • 9:30 — 9:45 Coffee Break
  • 9:45 — 10:45 Learning and Memory (Endeavour)
    Complex Systems (Discovery)
  • 10:45 — 11:00 Break
  • 11:00 — 12:00 Keynote: Gary Klein
  • 12:00 — 1:00 Lunch
  • 1:00 — 2:30 Perception Modeling (Endeavour)
    Judgment and Decision Making (Discovery)
  • 2:30 — 3:00 Coffee Break
  • 3:00 — 4:30 Methodology (Endeavour)
    Group and Social Processes II (Discovery)
  • 4:30 — 6:30 Poster Session
  • 7:00 — Banquet featuring talk by Mica Endsley

Conference Session Details 

Friday Poster Session

Spatially-global interpolation of closed curves
Authors:  Tae Kwon (Purdue University) , Kunal Agrawal (Purdue University) , Yunfeng Li (Purdue University) , Zygmunt Pizlo (Purdue University)

Metabolomics Approach for Identifying Urinary Markers of Cognitive Performance under Conditions of Sleep Deprivation-Induced Fatigue
Authors:  Nicholas Reo (Wright State University) , Isaie Sibomana (Wright State University) , Nicholas DelRaso (AFRL) , Michael Raymer (Wright State University) , Donald Harville (AFRL)

Anticipatory smooth eye movements elicited by symbolic cues
Authors:  Elio Santos (Rutgers University)

Are the effects of an acute bout of physical activity on inhibitory control consistent across days?
Authors:  Anthony G. Delli Paoli (Michigan State University) , Matthew Pontifex (Michigan State University) , Alan Smith (Michigan State University)

Examining the Span of Control of Remote Computer Agents in a Simulated Cyber Task
Authors:  Vincent Mancuso (AFRL) , Gregory Funke (AFRL) , Monika Eckold (AFRL) , Adam Strang (AFRL)

Effects of Training Regime on Learning Decision-Support Tools
Authors:  Christine Covas-Smith (AFRL) , Christina Kunkle (Leidos) , Robert Patterson (AFRL) , Lisa Tripp (AFRL)

Integrated Learning Mechanisms
Authors:  Vladislav Veksler (AFRL) , Christopher Myers (AFRL) , Kevin Gluck (AFRL)

Bayesian Hierarchical Adaptive Estimation of Post-training Effects in Visual Psychophysics Experiments
Authors:  Hairong Gu (Ohio State University) , Zhong-Lin Lu (Ohio State University) , Woojae Kim (Ohio State University) , Mark Pitt (The Ohio State University) , Jay Myung (Ohio State University)

A Bayesian Sequential Sampling Model of Choice Reaction Time Incorporating Stimulus Onset/Duration Uncertainty
Authors:  Jordan Meyer (University of Michigan) , Jun Zhang (University of Michigan)

New Techniques Enabling The Use of Large-Scale MindModeling@Home Resources
Authors:  Thomas Mielke (The Boeing Company) , Jack Harris (AFRL)

Is sustained attention important for the testing effect?
Authors:  Maria Almoite (MNSU-Mankato) , Jessica Kay (MNSU-Mankato) , Karla Lassonde (MNSU-Mankato)

Modeling Touch Interactions on Very Large Touchscreens
Authors:  M. Trent Schill (AFRL) , Leslie Blaha (AFRL)

Process based feedback improves rare target detection
Authors:  Chad Peltier (Michigan State University) , Mark Becker (Michigan State University)

ERP correlates of Memory/Guessing states in Discrete-Slot Reaction Time Model of Visual Working Memory
Authors:  Sangeeth Jeevan (Indiana University-Bloomington) , Robert Nosofsky (Indiana University Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences)

Interference in a Modified Recognition Task: An Evaluation of the Changed-trace and Multiple-trace Hypotheses
Authors:  Anne Cybenko (AIS)

Differentiating Cognitive Effects of Sleep Deprivation with the Digit Symbol Substitution Task
Authors:  Tim Halverson (AFRL) , Michael Krusmark (L3 Technologies) , Glenn Gunzelmann (AFRL)

Better Data Lead to Better Learning: How Embodied Attention Shapes Children’s Language Experiences
Authors:  Meagan Barnhart (Indiana University) , Umay Suanda (Indiana University) , Chen Yu (Indiana University)

Frontal midline EEG dynamics as a potential index of listening effort
Authors:  Matthew Wisniewski (AFRL)

Ethical and Behavioral Effects of Processing Stimuli Perceptual Information Bottom-Up; Does this Give Better Access to the External Mind-Independent World?
Authors:  Kaylie Provenzano (Northern Illinois University)

Attention and Perception

A Processing Ghost in a Tank Machine
Authors:  Mario Fific (Grand Valley State University)

The Evaluation of Orexin-A and Vigilance Performance
Authors:  Regina Shia (AFRL) , Josh Hagen (AFRL) , Chuck Goodyear (Infoscitex) , Kyle Traver (AFRL)

Cognitive Modeling of the Vigilance Decrement
Authors:  Bella Veksler (AFRL) , Glenn Gunzelmann (AFRL)

Group and Social Processes I

Toward a Social Psychological Theory of International Relations
Authors:  Vaughn Shannon (Wright State University)

National and Shared Identities: Unity or Rivalry?
Authors:  Caitlyn Banis (Wright State University)

Testing the role of political psychology upon rule of law compliance within United States counter-terrorism operations.
Authors:  Jonathan Maze (I.C.P program)

Is early information used preferentially in mate-choice copying?
Authors:  Robert Bowers (Indiana University) , Peter Todd (Indiana Univesity)

Learning and Memory

The neural representation of location in remembered experience
Authors:  Troy Smith (Ohio State University) , Vishnu Sreekumar (Ohio State University) , Simon Dennis (Ohio State University) , Dylan Nielson (Ohio State University) , Per Sederberg (Ohio State University)

Theories of Informativeness: A Comprehensive Empirical Investigation
Authors:  Ronaldo Vigo (Ohio University) , Basawaraj Basawaraj (Ohio University) , Charles Doan (Ohio University) , Derek Zeigler (Ohio University)

Make Learning Stick: Instructional Design Using Real-Time Polling for improving student Levels of Engagement and Participation
Authors:  Sheri Stover (Wright State University) , Dan Noel (Wright State University)

Contagious Memories: Changes in Recall Accuracy Following a Discussion
Authors:  Ryan Rush (Wabash College) , Steven Clark (University of California, Riverside)

Complex Systems

Action switching in embodied, dynamical agents
Authors:  Eran Agmon (Indiana University) , Randall Beer (Indiana University)

Getting a Grip on Extended Cognition
Authors:  Luis Favela (University of Cincinnati) , Anastasia Jinks (University of Cincinnati) , Anthony Chemero (University of Cincinnati)

Studying the Dynamics of Cyber-War through Instance-Base Learning and Multi-Agent Modeling
Authors:  Noam Ben-Asher (Carnegie Mellon University) , Prashanth Rajivan (Arizona State University) , Nancy Cooke (Arizona State University) , Cleotilde Gonzalez (Carnegie Mellon University)

Eye Tracking and Physiological Measures: an Alternative to Mirror Imaging Bias Detection
Authors:  Caroline Salchak (Wright State University)

Perception Modeling

Black or White: An Investigation into Two Dimensions of Racial Judgements
Authors:  Brett Jefferson (Indiana University) , Devin Burns (Indiana University) , James Townsend (Indiana University)

Predictable sequences promote the learning of visual statistical regularities
Authors:  Joshua De Leeuw (Indiana University) , Robert Goldstone (Indiana University)

Salience As An Emergent Property Of A Computationally Rational Perceptual System
Authors:  Christopher Myers (AFRL) , Andrew Howes (University of Birmingham) , Richard Lewis (University of Michigan) , Joseph Houpt (Wright State University) , Nicole Jardine (University of Iowa) , Xiuli Chen (University of Birmingham)

Evidence for Parallel Processing in the Identification of Shape and Color During Visual Search
Authors:  Joseph Glavan (Wright State University) , Joseph Houpt (Wright State University)

A test of speech-specific and domain-general auditory grouping principles
Authors:  Adam Thomas (The Ohio State University) , Mark Pitt (The Ohio State University)

Using LBA to model RTs collected in the GRT paradigm
Authors:  Noah Silbert (University of Cincinnati) , Joseph Houpt (Wright State University)

Judgment and Decision Making

The Strength and Weight of Evidence in Choice and Confidence
Authors:  Peter Kvam (Michigan State University) , Timothy Pleskac (Michigan State University)

Decision Outcome and Decision Process in Intertemporal Choice: a Revisit of Trait and Context
Authors:  Jiuqing Cheng (Ohio University) , claudia González-Vallejo (Ohio university)

Allais from Experience: The process of reducing Allais reversals in repeated decisions
Authors:  Jason Harman (Carnegie Mellon University) , Cleotilde Gonzalez (Carnegie Mellon University)

Efficiency, fairness, and stability in a real-time, asynchronous game
Authors:  Robert Hawkins (Indiana University) , Robert Goldstone (Indiana University)

The time course of preference formation in risky decision making
Authors:  Shuli Yu (Michigan State University) , Timothy Pleskac (Michigan State University) , Taosheng Liu (Michigan State University) , Christopher Hopwood (Michigan State University) , Kyle Bort (Michigan State University)


A Hierarchical Adaptive Approach to the Optimal Design of Experiments
Authors:  Woojae Kim (Ohio State University)

Adaptive Design Optimization for Comparing Models of Spacing Effect
Authors:  Yun Tang (Ohio State University) , Tiffany Jastrzembski (AFRL) , Michael Krusmark (L3 Technologies) , Kevin Gluck (AFRL) , Mark Pitt (The Ohio State University)

Using large datasets to examine the performance space of ACT-R's base-level learning mechanism
Authors:  Clayton Stanley (Rice university) , Michael Byrne (Rice University)

Canonical Duality and Triality: Unified Understanding Complex Systems and NP-hard Problems in Cognitive Science
Authors:  David Gao (Federation University Australi)

The Improved Prediction Models for Cognitive Performance using MRI data
Authors:  Gengxin Li (Wright State University)

Physiological Measures as Indicators of Cognitive Workload
Authors:  Dakota Evans (Wright State University)

Group and Social Processes II

Harmony from Chaos? Investigations in Aperiodic Visual-Motor and Interpersonal Coordination
Authors:  Auriel Washburn (University of Cincinnati) , Michael Richardson (University of Cincinnati)

Meaning-based natural language processing in agent-based training systems
Authors:  Dr. Mallory Selfridge (Precision Training Software, I) , Dr. James McCarthy (Sonalysts, Inc.) , Lt. Noah Schill (USAF)

Characterizing Temporal Patterns in Team Communication in a Large-Scale Air-Combat Simulation Training Exercise
Authors:  Adam Strang (AFRL) , Christopher Best (Australia DSTO) , Gregory Funke (AFRL) , Sheldon Russell (AFRL)

Using Card-Based Network Strategy Games to Introduce Stable Cross-Cluster Ties
Authors:  Samantha Cohen (Indiana University) , Peter Todd (Indiana Univesity)

Coordination in conversation: Investigating social interaction from the behavioral dynamics perspective
Authors:  MaryLauren Malone (University of Cincinnati) , Michael Richardson (University of Cincinnati )

Developmental Dynamics of Team Physio-behavioral Coupling during the Early Learning Phase of a Cooperative Supervisory Control Task
Authors:  Gregory Funke (AFRL) , Adam Strang (AFRL) , Sheldon Russell (AFRL)

Saturday Poster Session

Web-Based Implementation of the Modified Multi-Attribute Task Battery
Authors:  James Cline (Miami University) , Dustin Arendt (NRC) , Eric Geiselman (AFRL) , Leslie Blaha (AFRL)

Metadata and Memory Cues in a Collaborative Tagging Environment
Authors:  Jared Lorince (Indiana University) , Peter Todd (Indiana Univesity)

Post-decisional response dynamics of confidence judgments in a recognition memory task
Authors:  Patrycja Zdziarska (Michigan State University) , Shuli Yu (Michigan State University) , Timothy Pleskac (Michigan State University)

Attractor Dynamics in Word recognition
Authors:  Olivia Pavlov Garcia (University of Cincinnati) , John Holden (University of Cincinnati)

Computational Modeling of Switch Keyboards
Authors:  Xiao Zhang (Purdue University) , Kan Fang (Purdue University) , Gregory Francis (Purdue University)

Remembered object affordances are independent of remembered geometric properties
Authors:  Brandon Thomas (University of Cincinnati) , Michael Riley (University of Cincinnati)

Gestalt-enhanced illustrations and learning from scientific text: The role of cognitive load
Authors:  David Bellinger (University of Louisville) , Marci DeCaro (University of Louisville)

Detection of Audiovisual Asynchrony in Degraded Listening Conditions
Authors:  Hannah Shatzer (The Ohio State University) , Mark Pitt (The Ohio State University) , Antoine Shahin (The Ohio State University)

Perceived Exhaustion Predicts Mind Wandering
Authors:  Charles Van Stockum (University of Louisville) , Marci DeCaro (University of Louisville)

Perceptual Evidence Accumulation in a Moving Window Paradigm in Face Categorization
Authors:  Maxim Bushmakin (IU)

Bilateral saccade execution can impair working memory.
Authors:  James Edlin (University of Louisville) , Charles Van Stockum (University of Louisville) , Marci DeCaro (University of Louisville) , Keith Lyle (University of Louisville)

The Rapid Assessment of Cognitive Readiness (RACeR) Tool
Authors:  Kaizhi Tang (Intelligent Automation Inc.) , Guangfan Zhang () , Lisa Holt (Intelligent Automation Inc.) , Fredia Huya-Kouadio (Intelligent Automation Inc.) , Aleksandr Rudenko (Intelligent Automation Inc.) , Regina Shia (AFRL) , Donald Harville (AFRL) , John Buhrman (AFRL)

Survivor Interaction Contrast Wiggle Predictions of Parallel and Serial Models for an Arbitrary Number of Processes
Authors:  Haiyuan Yang (Indiana University) , Mario Fific (Grand Valley State University) , James Townsend (Indiana University)

Analysis of Fused and Unfused Imagery using SFT
Authors:  Elizabeth Fox (Wright State University) , Joseph Houpt (Wright State University) , Fairul Mohd-Zaid (Air Force Institute of Technology) , Jennifer Bittner (Ball Aerospace)

Comparing Two Models of Adaptation in Non-Stationary Environments
Authors:  Christopher Myers (AFRL) , Thomas Mielke (The Boeing Company) , Vladislav Veksler (AFRL) , Jack Harris (AFRL) , Kevin Gluck (AFRL)

Modeling trust dynamics in games of strategic interaction
Authors:  Michael Collins (WrightState) , Ion Juvina (Wright State University) , Gary Douglas (Wright State University) , Kevin Gluck (AFRL)

Following the Beat: How 1/f Scaling Transfers Across Systems
Authors:  Samuel Breheim (University of Cincinnati - PMD) , Charles Coey (University of Cincinnati) , Michael Richardson (University of Cincinnati)

Social Motor Coordination of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Authors:  Veronica Romero (University of Cincinnati) , Paula Fitzpatrick (Assumption College) , R. Schmidt (College of the Holy Cross) , Michael Richardson (University of Cincinnati)

Behavioral Dynamics of Joint-Action and Social Movement Coordination
Authors:  Joubert Lucas (University of Cincinnati) , Ashley Walton (University of Cincinnati) , Michael Riley (University of Cincinnati) , Michael Richardson (University of Cincinnati)

How Social Constraints Impair Individual Processes: The Effect of Stereotype Threat on Women’s Math Task-Based Performance
Authors:  Laura McLaughlin (University of Cincinnati) , Brian Eiler (University of Cincinnati)

Adaptive fractal analysis of postural sway variability in adolescents with athletically induced mild traumatic brain injuries
Authors:  Zachary Taylor (University of Cincinnati) , Colin Martin () , Steven Larson () , Scott Bonnette () , Michael Riley (University of Cincinnati) , Catherine Quatman-Yates ()

Leaving the uncanny valley: the influence of configural-processing on perceptions of non-human entities
Authors:  Kurt Schuepfer (Miami University)

How Anxiety Influence Task choices—Laboratory Experiments on Anxiety and Procrastination
Authors:  Ping Xu (Ohio university) , claudia González-Vallejo (Ohio university)

Visualization Support for Cognitive Sciences
Authors:  Matthew Marangoni () , Thomas Wischgoll (Wright State University) , Yue Zhou () , Leslie Blaha (AFRL) , Ross Smith () , Rhonda Vickery ()

Cognitive and Social Psychological Biases in the Negotiation of Transboundary Resources
Authors:  Kuyer Fazekas Jr. (Wright State University)

VEILS (Versatile Ecological Interface for Lockdown network Security)
Authors:  Kevin Bennett (Wright State University)

Trust mitigates uncertainty in team-based learning
Authors:  Gary Douglas (Wright State University) , Ion Juvina (Wright State University)

Self-Organization and Semiosis in Jazz Improvisation
Authors:  Ashley Walton (University of Cincinnati) , Michael Richardson (University of Cincinnati) , Anthony Chemero (University of Cincinnati)