Fall 2020 Update

Fall 2020 Update: Wright State University’s Dayton and Lake Campuses plan to return to teaching for 2020 Fall Semester on August 24 with a dynamic and flexible mixture of in-person and remote courses. Read more about our Right Here. Wright State. This Fall. plan.

Midwest Cognitive Science Conference


PDF of program and abstracts is available here.

Registration will open at 5:00pm on Friday and 7:30am on Saturday.

Friday, May 30

  • 5:30 — 8:00 Poster Session and Reception (WSU Union)

Saturday, May 31

  • 7:30 — 8:30 Breakfast
  • 8:30 — 9:30 Attention and Perception (Endeavour)
    Group and Social Processes I (Discovery)
  • 9:30 — 9:45 Coffee Break
  • 9:45 — 10:45 Learning and Memory (Endeavour)
    Complex Systems (Discovery)
  • 10:45 — 11:00 Break
  • 11:00 — 12:00 Keynote: Gary Klein
  • 12:00 — 1:00 Lunch
  • 1:00 — 2:30 Perception Modeling (Endeavour)
    Judgment and Decision Making (Discovery)
  • 2:30 — 3:00 Coffee Break
  • 3:00 — 4:30 Methodology (Endeavour)
    Group and Social Processes II (Discovery)
  • 4:30 — 6:30 Poster Session
  • 7:00 — Banquet featuring talk by Mica Endsley

Conference Session Details 

Friday Poster Session

Spatially-global interpolation of closed curves
Authors:  Tae Kwon (Purdue University) , Kunal Agrawal (Purdue University) , Yunfeng Li (Purdue University) , Zygmunt Pizlo (Purdue University)

Metabolomics Approach for Identifying Urinary Markers of Cognitive Performance under Conditions of Sleep Deprivation-Induced Fatigue
Authors:  Nicholas Reo (Wright State University) , Isaie Sibomana (Wright State University) , Nicholas DelRaso (AFRL) , Michael Raymer (Wright State University) , Donald Harville (AFRL)

Anticipatory smooth eye movements elicited by symbolic cues
Authors:  Elio Santos (Rutgers University)

Are the effects of an acute bout of physical activity on inhibitory control consistent across days?
Authors:  Anthony G. Delli Paoli (Michigan State University) , Matthew Pontifex (Michigan State University) , Alan Smith (Michigan State University)

Examining the Span of Control of Remote Computer Agents in a Simulated Cyber Task
Authors:  Vincent Mancuso (AFRL) , Gregory Funke (AFRL) , Monika Eckold (AFRL) , Adam Strang (AFRL)

Effects of Training Regime on Learning Decision-Support Tools
Authors:  Christine Covas-Smith (AFRL) , Christina Kunkle (Leidos) , Robert Patterson (AFRL) , Lisa Tripp (AFRL)

Integrated Learning Mechanisms
Authors:  Vladislav Veksler (AFRL) , Christopher Myers (AFRL) , Kevin Gluck (AFRL)

Bayesian Hierarchical Adaptive Estimation of Post-training Effects in Visual Psychophysics Experiments
Authors:  Hairong Gu (Ohio State University) , Zhong-Lin Lu (Ohio State University) , Woojae Kim (Ohio State University) , Mark Pitt (The Ohio State University) , Jay Myung (Ohio State University)

A Bayesian Sequential Sampling Model of Choice Reaction Time Incorporating Stimulus Onset/Duration Uncertainty
Authors:  Jordan Meyer (University of Michigan) , Jun Zhang (University of Michigan)

New Techniques Enabling The Use of Large-Scale MindModeling@Home Resources
Authors:  Thomas Mielke (The Boeing Company) , Jack Harris (AFRL)

Is sustained attention important for the testing effect?
Authors:  Maria Almoite (MNSU-Mankato) , Jessica Kay (MNSU-Mankato) , Karla Lassonde (MNSU-Mankato)

Modeling Touch Interactions on Very Large Touchscreens
Authors:  M. Trent Schill (AFRL) , Leslie Blaha (AFRL)

Process based feedback improves rare target detection
Authors:  Chad Peltier (Michigan State University) , Mark Becker (Michigan State University)

ERP correlates of Memory/Guessing states in Discrete-Slot Reaction Time Model of Visual Working Memory
Authors:  Sangeeth Jeevan (Indiana University-Bloomington) , Robert Nosofsky (Indiana University Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences)

Interference in a Modified Recognition Task: An Evaluation of the Changed-trace and Multiple-trace Hypotheses
Authors:  Anne Cybenko (AIS)

Differentiating Cognitive Effects of Sleep Deprivation with the Digit Symbol Substitution Task
Authors:  Tim Halverson (AFRL) , Michael Krusmark (L3 Technologies) , Glenn Gunzelmann (AFRL)

Better Data Lead to Better Learning: How Embodied Attention Shapes Children’s Language Experiences
Authors:  Meagan Barnhart (Indiana University) , Umay Suanda (Indiana University) , Chen Yu (Indiana University)

Frontal midline EEG dynamics as a potential index of listening effort
Authors:  Matthew Wisniewski (AFRL)

Ethical and Behavioral Effects of Processing Stimuli Perceptual Information Bottom-Up; Does this Give Better Access to the External Mind-Independent World?
Authors:  Kaylie Provenzano (Northern Illinois University)

Attention and Perception

A Processing Ghost in a Tank Machine
Authors:  Mario Fific (Grand Valley State University)

The Evaluation of Orexin-A and Vigilance Performance
Authors:  Regina Shia (AFRL) , Josh Hagen (AFRL) , Chuck Goodyear (Infoscitex) , Kyle Traver (AFRL)

Cognitive Modeling of the Vigilance Decrement
Authors:  Bella Veksler (AFRL) , Glenn Gunzelmann (AFRL)

Group and Social Processes I

Toward a Social Psychological Theory of International Relations
Authors:  Vaughn Shannon (Wright State University)

National and Shared Identities: Unity or Rivalry?
Authors:  Caitlyn Banis (Wright State University)

Testing the role of political psychology upon rule of law compliance within United States counter-terrorism operations.
Authors:  Jonathan Maze (I.C.P program)

Is early information used preferentially in mate-choice copying?
Authors:  Robert Bowers (Indiana University) , Peter Todd (Indiana Univesity)

Learning and Memory

The neural representation of location in remembered experience
Authors:  Troy Smith (Ohio State University) , Vishnu Sreekumar (Ohio State University) , Simon Dennis (Ohio State University) , Dylan Nielson (Ohio State University) , Per Sederberg (Ohio State University)

Theories of Informativeness: A Comprehensive Empirical Investigation
Authors:  Ronaldo Vigo (Ohio University) , Basawaraj Basawaraj (Ohio University) , Charles Doan (Ohio University) , Derek Zeigler (Ohio University)

Make Learning Stick: Instructional Design Using Real-Time Polling for improving student Levels of Engagement and Participation
Authors:  Sheri Stover (Wright State University) , Dan Noel (Wright State University)

Contagious Memories: Changes in Recall Accuracy Following a Discussion
Authors:  Ryan Rush (Wabash College) , Steven Clark (University of California, Riverside)

Complex Systems

Action switching in embodied, dynamical agents
Authors:  Eran Agmon (Indiana University) , Randall Beer (Indiana University)

Getting a Grip on Extended Cognition
Authors:  Luis Favela (University of Cincinnati) , Anastasia Jinks (University of Cincinnati) , Anthony Chemero (University of Cincinnati)

Studying the Dynamics of Cyber-War through Instance-Base Learning and Multi-Agent Modeling
Authors:  Noam Ben-Asher (Carnegie Mellon University) , Prashanth Rajivan (Arizona State University) , Nancy Cooke (Arizona State University) , Cleotilde Gonzalez (Carnegie Mellon University)

Eye Tracking and Physiological Measures: an Alternative to Mirror Imaging Bias Detection
Authors:  Caroline Salchak (Wright State University)

Perception Modeling

Black or White: An Investigation into Two Dimensions of Racial Judgements
Authors:  Brett Jefferson (Indiana University) , Devin Burns (Indiana University) , James Townsend (Indiana University)

Predictable sequences promote the learning of visual statistical regularities
Authors:  Joshua De Leeuw (Indiana University) , Robert Goldstone (Indiana University)

Salience As An Emergent Property Of A Computationally Rational Perceptual System
Authors:  Christopher Myers (AFRL) , Andrew Howes (University of Birmingham) , Richard Lewis (University of Michigan) , Joseph Houpt (Wright State University) , Nicole Jardine (University of Iowa) , Xiuli Chen (University of Birmingham)

Evidence for Parallel Processing in the Identification of Shape and Color During Visual Search
Authors:  Joseph Glavan (Wright State University) , Joseph Houpt (Wright State University)

A test of speech-specific and domain-general auditory grouping principles
Authors:  Adam Thomas (The Ohio State University) , Mark Pitt (The Ohio State University)

Using LBA to model RTs collected in the GRT paradigm
Authors:  Noah Silbert (University of Cincinnati) , Joseph Houpt (Wright State University)

Judgment and Decision Making

The Strength and Weight of Evidence in Choice and Confidence
Authors:  Peter Kvam (Michigan State University) , Timothy Pleskac (Michigan State University)

Decision Outcome and Decision Process in Intertemporal Choice: a Revisit of Trait and Context
Authors:  Jiuqing Cheng (Ohio University) , claudia González-Vallejo (Ohio university)

Allais from Experience: The process of reducing Allais reversals in repeated decisions
Authors:  Jason Harman (Carnegie Mellon University) , Cleotilde Gonzalez (Carnegie Mellon University)

Efficiency, fairness, and stability in a real-time, asynchronous game
Authors:  Robert Hawkins (Indiana University) , Robert Goldstone (Indiana University)

The time course of preference formation in risky decision making
Authors:  Shuli Yu (Michigan State University) , Timothy Pleskac (Michigan State University) , Taosheng Liu (Michigan State University) , Christopher Hopwood (Michigan State University) , Kyle Bort (Michigan State University)


A Hierarchical Adaptive Approach to the Optimal Design of Experiments
Authors:  Woojae Kim (Ohio State University)

Adaptive Design Optimization for Comparing Models of Spacing Effect
Authors:  Yun Tang (Ohio State University) , Tiffany Jastrzembski (AFRL) , Michael Krusmark (L3 Technologies) , Kevin Gluck (AFRL) , Mark Pitt (The Ohio State University)

Using large datasets to examine the performance space of ACT-R's base-level learning mechanism
Authors:  Clayton Stanley (Rice university) , Michael Byrne (Rice University)

Canonical Duality and Triality: Unified Understanding Complex Systems and NP-hard Problems in Cognitive Science
Authors:  David Gao (Federation University Australi)

The Improved Prediction Models for Cognitive Performance using MRI data
Authors:  Gengxin Li (Wright State University)

Physiological Measures as Indicators of Cognitive Workload
Authors:  Dakota Evans (Wright State University)

Group and Social Processes II

Harmony from Chaos? Investigations in Aperiodic Visual-Motor and Interpersonal Coordination
Authors:  Auriel Washburn (University of Cincinnati) , Michael Richardson (University of Cincinnati)

Meaning-based natural language processing in agent-based training systems
Authors:  Dr. Mallory Selfridge (Precision Training Software, I) , Dr. James McCarthy (Sonalysts, Inc.) , Lt. Noah Schill (USAF)

Characterizing Temporal Patterns in Team Communication in a Large-Scale Air-Combat Simulation Training Exercise
Authors:  Adam Strang (AFRL) , Christopher Best (Australia DSTO) , Gregory Funke (AFRL) , Sheldon Russell (AFRL)

Using Card-Based Network Strategy Games to Introduce Stable Cross-Cluster Ties
Authors:  Samantha Cohen (Indiana University) , Peter Todd (Indiana Univesity)

Coordination in conversation: Investigating social interaction from the behavioral dynamics perspective
Authors:  MaryLauren Malone (University of Cincinnati) , Michael Richardson (University of Cincinnati )

Developmental Dynamics of Team Physio-behavioral Coupling during the Early Learning Phase of a Cooperative Supervisory Control Task
Authors:  Gregory Funke (AFRL) , Adam Strang (AFRL) , Sheldon Russell (AFRL)

Saturday Poster Session

Web-Based Implementation of the Modified Multi-Attribute Task Battery
Authors:  James Cline (Miami University) , Dustin Arendt (NRC) , Eric Geiselman (AFRL) , Leslie Blaha (AFRL)

Metadata and Memory Cues in a Collaborative Tagging Environment
Authors:  Jared Lorince (Indiana University) , Peter Todd (Indiana Univesity)

Post-decisional response dynamics of confidence judgments in a recognition memory task
Authors:  Patrycja Zdziarska (Michigan State University) , Shuli Yu (Michigan State University) , Timothy Pleskac (Michigan State University)

Attractor Dynamics in Word recognition
Authors:  Olivia Pavlov Garcia (University of Cincinnati) , John Holden (University of Cincinnati)

Computational Modeling of Switch Keyboards
Authors:  Xiao Zhang (Purdue University) , Kan Fang (Purdue University) , Gregory Francis (Purdue University)

Remembered object affordances are independent of remembered geometric properties
Authors:  Brandon Thomas (University of Cincinnati) , Michael Riley (University of Cincinnati)

Gestalt-enhanced illustrations and learning from scientific text: The role of cognitive load
Authors:  David Bellinger (University of Louisville) , Marci DeCaro (University of Louisville)

Detection of Audiovisual Asynchrony in Degraded Listening Conditions
Authors:  Hannah Shatzer (The Ohio State University) , Mark Pitt (The Ohio State University) , Antoine Shahin (The Ohio State University)

Perceived Exhaustion Predicts Mind Wandering
Authors:  Charles Van Stockum (University of Louisville) , Marci DeCaro (University of Louisville)

Perceptual Evidence Accumulation in a Moving Window Paradigm in Face Categorization
Authors:  Maxim Bushmakin (IU)

Bilateral saccade execution can impair working memory.
Authors:  James Edlin (University of Louisville) , Charles Van Stockum (University of Louisville) , Marci DeCaro (University of Louisville) , Keith Lyle (University of Louisville)

The Rapid Assessment of Cognitive Readiness (RACeR) Tool
Authors:  Kaizhi Tang (Intelligent Automation Inc.) , Guangfan Zhang () , Lisa Holt (Intelligent Automation Inc.) , Fredia Huya-Kouadio (Intelligent Automation Inc.) , Aleksandr Rudenko (Intelligent Automation Inc.) , Regina Shia (AFRL) , Donald Harville (AFRL) , John Buhrman (AFRL)

Survivor Interaction Contrast Wiggle Predictions of Parallel and Serial Models for an Arbitrary Number of Processes
Authors:  Haiyuan Yang (Indiana University) , Mario Fific (Grand Valley State University) , James Townsend (Indiana University)

Analysis of Fused and Unfused Imagery using SFT
Authors:  Elizabeth Fox (Wright State University) , Joseph Houpt (Wright State University) , Fairul Mohd-Zaid (Air Force Institute of Technology) , Jennifer Bittner (Ball Aerospace)

Comparing Two Models of Adaptation in Non-Stationary Environments
Authors:  Christopher Myers (AFRL) , Thomas Mielke (The Boeing Company) , Vladislav Veksler (AFRL) , Jack Harris (AFRL) , Kevin Gluck (AFRL)

Modeling trust dynamics in games of strategic interaction
Authors:  Michael Collins (WrightState) , Ion Juvina (Wright State University) , Gary Douglas (Wright State University) , Kevin Gluck (AFRL)

Following the Beat: How 1/f Scaling Transfers Across Systems
Authors:  Samuel Breheim (University of Cincinnati - PMD) , Charles Coey (University of Cincinnati) , Michael Richardson (University of Cincinnati)

Social Motor Coordination of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Authors:  Veronica Romero (University of Cincinnati) , Paula Fitzpatrick (Assumption College) , R. Schmidt (College of the Holy Cross) , Michael Richardson (University of Cincinnati)

Behavioral Dynamics of Joint-Action and Social Movement Coordination
Authors:  Joubert Lucas (University of Cincinnati) , Ashley Walton (University of Cincinnati) , Michael Riley (University of Cincinnati) , Michael Richardson (University of Cincinnati)

How Social Constraints Impair Individual Processes: The Effect of Stereotype Threat on Women’s Math Task-Based Performance
Authors:  Laura McLaughlin (University of Cincinnati) , Brian Eiler (University of Cincinnati)

Adaptive fractal analysis of postural sway variability in adolescents with athletically induced mild traumatic brain injuries
Authors:  Zachary Taylor (University of Cincinnati) , Colin Martin () , Steven Larson () , Scott Bonnette () , Michael Riley (University of Cincinnati) , Catherine Quatman-Yates ()

Leaving the uncanny valley: the influence of configural-processing on perceptions of non-human entities
Authors:  Kurt Schuepfer (Miami University)

How Anxiety Influence Task choices—Laboratory Experiments on Anxiety and Procrastination
Authors:  Ping Xu (Ohio university) , claudia González-Vallejo (Ohio university)

Visualization Support for Cognitive Sciences
Authors:  Matthew Marangoni () , Thomas Wischgoll (Wright State University) , Yue Zhou () , Leslie Blaha (AFRL) , Ross Smith () , Rhonda Vickery ()

Cognitive and Social Psychological Biases in the Negotiation of Transboundary Resources
Authors:  Kuyer Fazekas Jr. (Wright State University)

VEILS (Versatile Ecological Interface for Lockdown network Security)
Authors:  Kevin Bennett (Wright State University)

Trust mitigates uncertainty in team-based learning
Authors:  Gary Douglas (Wright State University) , Ion Juvina (Wright State University)

Self-Organization and Semiosis in Jazz Improvisation
Authors:  Ashley Walton (University of Cincinnati) , Michael Richardson (University of Cincinnati) , Anthony Chemero (University of Cincinnati)