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Midwest Cognitive Science Conference

The 6th annual Midwest Cognitive Science Conference (2017) is June 30 - July 1 at Miami University, Oxford OH.

2014 Conference

PDF of program and abstracts is available.

The 4th annual Midwest Cognitive Science Conference will be held on May 31, 2014 at Wright State University.

The conference is designed to provide a forum for faculty and students to present their research to their peers from across the Midwest. The full-day conference will consist of talk sessions with two parallel tracks, and a poster session in the evening.

Invited Plenary Address

Gary Klein, Ph.D. (MacroCognition and Applied Research Associates)

Title: The lightbulb moment
Three years of a research project collecting and analyzing 120 instances of insights largely drawn from natural settings, has resulted in a new account of the nature of insight, which is defined as a discontinuous shift from one mental model or linked set of beliefs to another that is more accurate, comprehensive, and useful. Insights alter our understanding and also change the actions we consider, the cues we notice, the emotions we experience, and the goals we pursue. The talk is divided into two parts: how insights arise, and the factors that get in the way of insights.

Banquet Speaker

Mica Endsley, Ph.D. (Chief Scientist of the U.S. Air Force)


We are grateful to the generous support of our sponsors:

Want to help sponsor the event? Contact conference organizers at midwest.cogsci@gmail.com.

Conference Organizers: Joe HouptIon Juvina, Leslie Blaha and Aaron Miller.