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Configural Processing Consortium (CPC)

Annual Meeting 2020


Date and Venue

Wednesday, November 18, 2020
Zoom (Contact Karen Schloss or Joe Houpt for details)

The Annual Configural Processing Consortium (CPC) workshop will be held online on Wednesday November 18th, 2020. This is the day before Pyschonomics begins. We are grateful for the support of the Psychonomic Society for our meeting. 


Program (pdf)


Funding and Support

Psychonomic Society

Time Activity Speaker
09:50 — 10:00 Opening Remarks  
10:00 — 10:55 Keynote I Geisler
10:55 — 11:00 Brief Break  
11:00 — 12:20 Session I Garrigan, Zhang, Cooper, Baker
12:20 — 12:40 Break  
12:40 — 2:00 Session II Bartel, Keane, Lappin, Townsend
2:00 — 3:00 Lunch Break Contact Karen Schloss or Joe Houpt for details
03:00 — 3:55 Keynote II Brooks
3:55 — 4:00 Brief Break  
04:00 — 05:20 Session III Kellman, Jozranjbar, Dunn, Liu, Moore
05:20 — 05:25 Break  
05:25 — 05:45 General Discussion  
05:45 — 06:00 Business Meeting  

Presentation Guidelines

Presentations will be live, and speakers will display their slides by sharing their screen. Talks will be 12 minutes long, followed by a few minutes for questions, and then a transition to the next speaker.

We ask all speakers to connect on Zoom on 11/18 at the following times before their session to iron out technical issues:

  • Session I speakers: 9:30am-9:40am
  • Session II speakers: 12:25pm-12:35pm
  • Session III speakers: 2:45pm-2:55pm