At WSU, we have implemented various prevention, awareness, and educational programs and initiatives to address these issues. We have also hired WSU’s Title IX Investigative and Training Officer (Lindsay Wight) and Coordinator of Health Promotion (Destinee Biesemeyer), who started in 2015 to provide training and advocacy for both students and employees. Further, WSU is a member of a consortium of local universities participating in grant-funded programming to address these issues (Healthy Campus Partners) led by WSU employee Tessa Miracle. 

Mosaic Learning Program: This online learning program is desgined to teach all employees how to identify, address, and prevent:

  • Workplace discrimination, harassment, and retaliation
  • Sexual Assault, intimate partner violence, and stalking

To access this training, please contact Lindsay Wight at

Impressions: This online course informs incoming and first year college students how to prevent and report sexual assault. To access this training, please contact Lindsay Wight at

Policy and Procedure Training: an in person training given by Lindsay Wight to help inform the campus community of the University’s policy and procedures related to complaints of sexual misconduct and relationship violence. For more information, or to schedule a training, please email

Bystander Intervention Training: an in person training based on the idea that any individual, regardless of sex or gender, can interrupt behaviors to prevent sexual misconduct and relationship violence. As a result, each member of the campus community is invested in creating a safe campus environment for themselves and others. Program participants are instructed on safe options for preventing harm and intervening when a risk of sexual misconduct or relationship violence exists. WSU currently offers its own bystander intervention program, listed below:

Safe Space Training: a comprehensive 3 hour Ally Development training that teaches potential new allies skills on how to serve and support the LGBTQA+ community at WSU. Allies attending the entire 3 hour training will have the option of completing a Safe Space Ally Action Plan and listed on this site as someone who is part of the Safe Space Ally Development Network. Allies completing the Ally Action Plan will be provided with the Safe Space emblem (sticker or magnet) to display inside or outside of their offices and/or bags, computers, etc. For more information or to register for a training, please visit: