What is a zoned evacuation?

When classes are in session, the Dayton campus population can exceed 20,000 students, faculty, staff, and visitors. If classes are canceled and an order to close campus is given during that time, prior planning and coordination may be necessary to control traffic off-campus in a safe and orderly manner. The zoned evacuation procedures detail traffic patterns, assignment of responsibilities, and resources needed to minimize traffic gridlock and move people off campus as quickly and efficiently as possible.

When could a zoned evacuation be initiated?

An actual or impending emergency may result in an order to cancel classes or close the Dayton campus. If a zoned evacuation is ordered, it would only be initiated during business hours, Monday through Friday, and when classes are in session. Although the campus may close, the zoned evacuation procedures will not be initiated after 5:00 p.m., during holidays, term breaks, intersession, or any other time when classes are not in session.

How will I be informed when Wright State University closes due to winter weather?

WSU Alert, Wright State's emergency notification system, will be activated. A zoned evacuation is specific to the Dayton campus and will only be initiated during business hours, Monday through Friday, and when classes are in session. Information about the evacuation will be sent via selected WSU Alert channels.

The zoned evacuation procedures state that “two-way traffic flow will be maintained.” Does that mean I can turn either way out of the parking lot?

No. Traffic patterns during the evacuation are intended to efficiently move everyone off campus and avoid a gridlock. Maintaining two-way traffic flow will keep one lane open to allow emergency services vehicles access to campus. If you drive around barricades or do not follow the established traffic patterns, you will be blocking that access. This will result in you being directed by a traffic control unit to immediately enter the nearest parking lot and follow the flow of traffic from that lot to exit campus.

How long will it take to evacuate campus using the zoned evacuation procedures?

If everyone cooperates and follows the simple zoned evacuation instructions, it should take less than 90 minutes for the campus community to leave the Dayton campus. HOWEVER, the one variable we have no control over is the traffic on the roads and highways off campus. The more congested the roadways off campus, the longer it will take for the Dayton campus to evacuate.

I’m parked in Zone 3. Why do I have to wait 30-45 minutes after a zoned evacuation is announced before leaving?

Too many vehicles released at one time onto Colonel Glenn Highway will result in a traffic jam and that means a much longer wait in your car to get home. Zone 1 was chosen over Zone 3 to accommodate the majority of our student population who park in Lot 4.

I was dropped off and need to be picked up, but my ride can’t get onto campus. What are my options?

You have two options. You can contact your ride and have them pick you up at the bus shelter at Lot 20. You can walk or pick up the shuttle at Millett Hall and ride to Lot 20. NOTE: The bus shelter at Lot 20 will only accommodate 50 people, so consider a second option. You can wait until the University Police re-open campus roads to incoming traffic...about 90 minutes. Either way, you should let your ride know what you plan to do.

I have a child at Mini-University. How do I get to Mini-U if the roads into campus are closed?

If you are on campus: Only people parked in Zone 2 (Lots 8-11) and Zone 4 (Lots 18-20 and all Nutter Center Lots) have direct access to Mini-U. People parked in Zone 1 (Lots 1-7) and Zone 3 (Lots 12-17) must exit campus and re-enter following the off-campus instruction below.

If you are off campus: Enter campus from Kauffman Road or Colonel Glenn Highway at the 844 entrance ramp.

Parking at Mini-University: Lots 18 and 19 (at and across from Mini-U) will remain open for you to park your vehicle. A police officer will be directing vehicle and pedestrian traffic at Mini-U.

My car is parked in Lot 20. Are the Campus Shuttles still operating?

Yes. However, campus shuttles will be redirected to the bus stop at the north entrance of Millett Hall. Normal shuttle routes will resume when University Police re-open campus roads to incoming traffic.

Where can I pick up the bus?

RTA, Project Mobility, and Greene CATS will all be redirected to the bus stop at the north entrance of Millett Hall. Normal bus routes and campus stops will resume when University Police re-open the campus roads to incoming traffic.