Zone 3 includes Lots 12 through 17. To avoid high traffic congestion, people parked in Zone 3 are asked to leave campus 30-45 minutes after the announcement of a Zoned Evacuation. Travel south on Loop Rd. and exit campus onto Colonel Glenn Hwy. Two-way traffic will be maintained to accommodate emergency response and mass transportation vehicles.

Adhere to the traffic control patterns. Obey traffic controllers. DO NOT drive around barricades or on sidewalks. Download Zone 3 Evacuation Map →

Review the Instructions for a Zoned Evacuation of the Dayton campus:
Zone 1 (West Campus) || Zone 2 (North Campus) || Zone 3 (South Campus) || Zone 4 (East Campus) || Main Map
Campus Evacuation Map-Dayton Campus Zone 3
AL Allyn Hall DG Diggs Laboratory LJH Laurel/Jacob/Hickory SU Student Union
BS1 Biological Sciences I DL Dunbar Library, Paul Laurence LX Library Annex SZ Seltzer Pavilion/Mills-Morgan Center
BS2 Biological Sciences II FH Fawcett Hall MM Mathematical and TV Television Center
BCH Boston/Cedar/Hawthorn FB Fine Arts Building   Microbiological Sciences TS Transportation Services Center
BL Brehm Laboratory FL Forest Lane Apartments MS Medical Sciences UH University Hall
CC Community Center G Garden for the Senses MH Millett Hall UP University Park Apartments
CM Campus Ministry Center GL Geology Field Equipment Base NC Nutter Center, Ervin J. V The Village Apartments
CS Campus Services Building HH Hamilton Hall OMP Oak/Maple/Pine VP Visitor Parking Booth
CD Child Development Center HC Honors Community OH Oelman Hall WH White Hall
CP College Park HS Health Sciences RK Rike Hall    
CA Creative Arts Center JC Joshi Research Center RC Russ Engineering Center    

Zone 1 (West Campus): Hamilton Hall, Medical Sciences, Russ Engineering Center, Student Union, University Hall, and Lots 1, 4, 6, and 7.

Zone 2 (North Campus): Allyn Hall, Brehm Laboratory, Campus Ministry Center, Fawcett Hall, Mathematical and Microbiological Sciences, Oelman Hall, Rike Hall, The Woods, and Lots 8, 10, and 11.

Zone 3 (South Campus): Biological Sciences 1 & 2, Creative Arts Center, Diggs Laboratory, Dunbar Library, Health Sciences, Library Annex, White Hall, and Lots 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16.

Zone 4 (East Campus): Nutter Center and Lots 18, 19, and 20.