Diversity and Inclusion Project Team

Charlotte Neal

photo of Charlotte Neal

Charlotte Neal is most noted for her successful 22-year career as an executive for Toyota Engineering & Manufacturing, North America, Inc. (TEMA) and was responsible for corporate compliance, diversity, and corporate communications. She has been recognized as one of the foremost innovators in the area of corporate compliance and ethics in a manufacturing environment. She is also recognized as the internal architect for Toyota's award-winning diversity program (Selected by DiversityInc., as a Top 50 Diversity Company in America).

Widely known for applying Toyota's renowned Problem Solving Methodology and The Toyota Production System (TPS) to compliance, diversity, and communications, she has developed and implemented initiatives to objectively measure an organization's journey toward its ideal condition in these areas at TEMA. Charlotte has been an internal executive coach for over two decades. The confidence they had in her ability could be measured, in part, by the financial and employee resource commitments Toyota invested in her initiatives, which resulted in measurable risk mitigation as well as measurable improvements in team member satisfaction and engagement. Her real-world experience working with leaders to substantially reduce turnover, increase team member moral, and allow the company to minimize revenue loss due to discriminatory practices has been invaluable to the clients Integrity Development serves.

Neal believes that every organization can engage its leadership in a journey to create a healthy respectful workplace culture, especially when they can clearly see and understand its current condition and effectively measure progress toward its goals. She also understands that progress is not measured only by counting numbers, but by measuring the effectiveness of its systems and processes and through implementing practical solutions.

Neal is an effective communicator, offering clear, practical, business-oriented solutions in areas that are often viewed as difficult to measure. She has been invited to speak at national and regional conferences on managing compliance and diversity in the workplace. Neal earned B.S. and M.A. degrees in mathematics from the University of Kentucky, earning high honors as a Summa Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa graduate. She is also a graduate of Toyota's Executive Development Program and was the first woman to be promoted to the executive level within TEMA's group companies.

She is very involved in community and philanthropic organizations and is the former Board Chair of the Kentucky Conference for Community and Justice (KCCJ). She has also served in numerous capacities for other non-profits, including United Way, Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce, Thursday's Child, and the Sanders Brown Center on Aging.