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Office of Disability Services

Fill-in Faculty Information

Students with documented disabilities must register with the Office of Disability Services and have an approved accommodation plan in order to be granted accommodations in the classroom. At the beginning of every semester, faculty are notified via email regarding any students registered for their course that are registered with ODS.

Faculty who are covering classes during the strike will likely not know who in their class requires disability related accommodations. Students must be registered with the Office of Disability Services (ODS) and have an approved accommodation plan for you to provide accommodations for students. ODS assists students at the beginning of each semester to send faculty notification letters that outline their approved accommodation plan.

We would encourage any substitute faculty to make the following announcement at the beginning of the first few class meetings:

  • Course Announcement
    • For anyone that is registered with the office of disability services your initial faculty instructor would have received your accommodations by email. I do not have this information and will need you to let me know after class so that I can contact ODS for verification of your approved accommodations. I am available to discuss reasonable accommodations for those registered with ODS, please contact me or make an appointment to meet with as soon as possible.

Once a student(s) has approached you get their name and UID so that you can forward their information to ODS by email:
An ODS case manager will respond to you within 24 hours to verify the student’s accommodation and provide additional information on who to contact if you have follow-up questions or concerns.