ODS Updates

  • Budget Information Session

    Dr. Gary Dickstein, the Interim Vice President for the Division of Student Affairs, would like to meet with different student groups on campus to speak about the University’s budget remediation process. This meeting is not about budget cuts to ODS. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the budget remediation process while allowing time for questions regarding the process and timeline. Additional information sessions will be announced in the future.

    Date and Location: Tuesday, March 14th from 1pm-2pm in the 156 b/c of the Student Union

  • We appreciate hearing your concerns surrounding the PA Station. As you know, we conducted an open forum on the issue of sharing the costs of the operation of the PA station with our students on February 24th. During that forum, we heard clearly that our students did not believe it would be equitable for our institution to charge students for this service. As a result of this feedback, the possibility to share costs associated with this service is no longer in our F18 budget plans. There will be a continued search for sustainable funds to offset the cost of the PA Station in the future. We will provide updates as we pursue outside funding through grants and donations.

  • ODS staff have proctored 843 exams during the first 7 weeks of the Spring 2017 semester. 254 students used the Test Proctoring Center to take their exams. The Test Proctoring Center proctored exams for 226 faculty teaching 291 courses.