Rehabilitation Services, BS

Parent Entity: 
Education and Human Services, College of » Human Services
Program Type: 
Degree Type: 
Bachelor of Science

Program Description:

The rehabilitation services program trains graduates to work in human service agencies that serve people who have disabilities, are homeless, are involved in the court system, use assistive technology, and in a variety of  other circumstances. Some common entry points are in case management, employment services, assistive technologies, court systems, and social services. The program also prepares students for graduate study in  rehabilitation counseling or related fields. Curriculum flexibility attracts students who are interested in developing a program to reflect their special interests.

For admission to the program, students must have completed 18 college credit hours and have earned a 2.35 GPA. Students must earn a minimum C grade in each professional rehabilitation course requirement. All students must complete a 400-clock-hour internship. Prerequisites for the internship include an overall 2.5 GPA, plus completion of all General Education and rehabilitation courses necessary for preparing the student to complete the field experience. (See course description for more detailed information.)

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