Intervention Specialist, MEd

Parent Entity: 
Education and Human Services, College of » Teacher Education
Program Type: 
Degree Type: 
Master of Education

Program Description:

These programs are available to graduate students seeking an initial teaching license and those currently holding a valid teaching credential. Licensure requirements include successful completion of all of the licensure courses and successful completion of state mandated assessments. The Early Childhood Intervention Specialist (ECIS) license is valid for teaching student from age three through grade three with mild/moderate and intensive disabilities. The Intervention Specialist license for Mild to Moderate Educational Needs (ISMM), and/or Moderate to Intensive Educational Needs (ISMI) is valid for teaching students from ages 5 through 21 and grades Kindergarten through 12.

The Intervention Specialist Programs are separate, individual programs. Because of the high demand for intervention specialists, it is not uncommon for persons to be employed by a school district on a special, temporary license pending completion of an Intervention Specialist licensure program. These programs are designed to serve both of those populations. Candidates who are not currently licensed will be required to complete prerequisite coursework prior to entering the professional course sequence. Please consult with a licensure advisor in the college's Office of Student Services regarding prerequisite coursework.

Upon successful completion of the licensure portion of this program and passing state mandated assessments, the student may apply for an Ohio Resident Educator Intervention Specialist teaching license, valid for teaching students in the program area the student completed (Early Childhood Intervention Specialist, Mild to Moderate, Moderate to Intensive). A Master of Education degree in classroom teaching may be earned with the successful completion of the balance of the programs.

Admissions Requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree
  • 2.7 cumulative minimum undergraduate GPA and GRE score or MAT score in the 50th percentile or better


  • 3.0 cumulative minimum undergraduate GPA

Admissions Process:

  • Apply To Graduate School
  • Complete Program Application
  • Submit writing sample.   Writing samples are held on Mondays at 2 pm and Tuesdays at 10 am. Please call 937-775-3088 or 3086 to set up a writing sample appointment.
  • Clear criminal background check.  Please consult with the college's Office of Student Services for Background Check information: 937-775-3088 or 3086.

Licensure Only Candidates - Initial License and Additional License

Currently licensed teachers who wish to complete licensure or endorsement requirements at the graduate level but do not wish to pursue a graduate degree may be admitted as licensure candidates with the permission of the department in which the programs are housed.  Persons pursuing a teacher licensure program are required to complete the Ohio Department of Education prescribed exams for their intended area of licensure.

Licensure-only candidates are typically currently licensed teachers who already hold a master's degree and only seek an additional license.

Candidates who are not currently licensed and wish to be a licensure only candidate are required to complete the same admission criteria stated above.

Licensure/Endorsement candidates are required to have a 2.5 GPA on the undergraduate level.

Note:  Licensure/Endorsement candidates who later wish to apply hours towards a master's degree are limited in the number of hours that can be applied to the degree program.

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