Earth and Environmental Sciences, BA

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Science and Mathematics, College of » Earth and Environmental Sciences
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Degree Type: 
Bachelor of Arts

Program Description:

Earth Sciences:

Earth science (also known as geology) is the study of the earth.  This includes the processes that shape its surface (both land and water) and interior. It focuses on current and past processes. Many professional earth scientists work to protect natural resources, including water and environments. Professional earth scientists also explore for new resources such as oil, gas, or minerals. Others find careers as high school teachers.

Bachelor of Arts Degree: Earth Sciences Concentration

The Earth Sciences Concentration is for students who want a flexible program. It combines fundamental courses in earth sciences with basic courses in related sciences. It also requires courses in areas outside of science. The Bachelor of Arts program is flexible enough to combine with a dual major in an unrelated field. The Bachelor of Science degree is more focused in earth and related sciences.

The degree program develops many skills:
  • solving problems using critical thinking
  • combining a range of sciences (chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics) in creatively solving practical problems
  • collaborating to complete projects with others
  • interpreting various types of information, including numbers, graphs, and text
  • presenting insights and information in writing and speaking
Career Opportunities:

The Earth Sciences Concentration is designed for students planning careers in fields such as environmental consulting or resource exploration. Other careers include public service within local, state, or federal regulatory agencies (EPA, Ohio EPA). It is also a choice for students planning graduate study in earth and environmental sciences.

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