Diversity and Social Inequality Certificate (undergraduate)

Parent Entity: 
Liberal Arts, College of ยป Sociology and Anthropology
Program Type: 
Undergraduate Certificate
Degree Type: 

Program Description:

Address the forms, consequences and impact of diversity in modern society. Coursework also evaluates the social benefits of diversity and the individual, interactional, and stuctural factors that link it to enduring forms of social inequality.

Admission Requirements:

Students who wish to obtain a certificate in Social Diversity and Inequality must fulfill the admission requirements for the College of Liberal Arts. Specifically, applicants must:

1) complete ENG 1100 or ENG 1105 with a grade of C or better,

2) complete a minimum of 2 additional Liberal Arts courses in the WSU Core, and

3) maintain an overall GPA of 2.0 or higher.

All applicants meeting these requirements will be accepted.