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Liberal Arts, College of » Theatre, Dance and Motion Pictures
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Degree Type: 
Bachelor of Fine Arts

Program Description:

The Department of Theatre, Dance, and Motion Pictures is devoted exclusively to the training and education of undergraduate students in the areas of dance, motion pictures, and theatre. These programs lead to the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees. Students who wish to study theatre choose from the BA degree in Theatre Studies, or BFA programs in Acting, Acting/Musical Theatre, and Design/Technology/Stage Management.

The Department of Theatre, Dance, and Motion Pictures is empowered by the Ohio Revised Code to require particular preliminary training or talent for admission to specific programs, and each of the five B.F.A. degree programs has specific criteria for admission to each level of training. Students who wish to be admitted as majors in Acting, Acting/Musical Theatre, or Dance must successfully pass an audition or interview. The department has an open admissions policy for first-term students wishing to major in the B.A. programs in Theatre Studies and Motion Pictures History, Theory, and Criticism, and the B.F.A. programs in Design/Technology/Stage Management and Motion Pictures Production. Transfer students are admitted into B.F.A. programs on the basis of a successful audition, interview, or portfolio presentation.

Each B.F.A. program has set criteria for selectively retaining students in the programs. These include a requirement that students earn a GPA of at least 2.0 to continue in the B.F.A. programs; most of the programs require a higher minimum GPA for graduation. The policies are spelled out in the curriculum sections of the department web page. Students are required to consult regularly with an academic adviser. All students who return after an absence of three or more consecutive semesters must reapply to the faculty for readmission to the program, and at the discretion of the faculty they may be required to satisfy program requirements in effect at the time of readmission.

The B.F.A. Program:

The B.F.A. program follows an open admission policy for only the first semester.

Degree Requirements- TheatreDesign/Technology/Stage Management:

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree:

The program in Theatre Design/Technology/Stage Management prepares students for careers as designers, technicians, and stage managers in the professional theatre. . Students in Stage Management track begin their concentration in the freshman year. In either the Design or Technology track, students begin a concentration in costumes, scenery, lighting, sound, or scene painting/properties no later than the junior year,  All design/technology majors must present their portfolio for an evaluation at the end of each year of study. Students are retained in the program and accepted into the sophomore year of study based on maintaining an overall GPA of 2.0, continual growth as determined by the faculty, and successful portfolio evaluation at the end of freshman year. Before students can begin their junior or senior year, they must have a minimum 2.5 GPA in all design and technology classes and a 2.25 overall GPA. Students must also continue to show steady growth in their craft, demonstrating leadership skills and self-discipline and showing promise of benefiting from continued training. Students must pass their final portfolio review at the end of senior year in order to graduate.

Program Learning Outcomes:

High level of competency and responsibility in one or more areas of theatre design,  technology, and/or and stage management, including:

  • Competency in key leadership role, such as stage managing, designing, or supervising building of mainstage productions. 
  • Proficiency in theatre design, theatre technology, or stage management.
  • Knowledge of technical theory, application and craft in their area of focus.
  • Critical thinking and problem solving ability.
  • Knowledge of theatre history and dramatic literature.
  • Skills in integrated drawing, drafting, painting, presentation and construction skills, as well as proficiency in selected computer design and graphics software.
  • Pragmatic understanding of the business side of the theatrical design and technology professions.

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