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Science and Mathematics, College of » Chemistry
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Bachelor of Arts

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The Department of Chemistry offers programs leading to the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, and Master of Science degrees in chemistry. The department also offers a Bachelor of Science program, which is certified by the American Chemical Society, and a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry Education.  While the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science curricula are designed to prepare undergraduate students for entrance into medical, dental, or other professional schools, the Bachelor of science curricula are strongly suggested for students who wish to pursue a career as a professional chemist or graduate work in chemistry.  All undergraduate degree programs are flexible and permit the option of a heavy concentration in chemistry courses or a combination of a chemistry major with extensive course work in allied (other sciences) or non-allied (business, arts) areas.  In order to develop their academic programs to meet specific needs and individual interests, students should consult their academic advisors.

Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts degree candidate is required to complete the chemistry, mathematics, and physics course sequences in the following program outlines. The general elective requirement may be satisfied with any course sequence in the College of Science and Mathematics (COSM) or the College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS), including additional chemistry courses, life sciences courses or individual research projects (CHM 4990). Chemistry majors who are Bachelor of Arts degree candidates are required also to complete 18 credit hours outside the Colleges of Science and Mathematics and Engineering and Computer Science. This requirement may not be satisfied with WSU Core requirements.

Chemistry Honors Program

The honors program in chemistry is designed to provide recognition to the intellectually gifted student who pursues a program of independent study under the guidance of a faculty advisor. The program is open to any chemistry major in the B.S. program having at least junior standing and a 3.25 or better overall GPA, including a 3.60 or better average in the four most recent chemistry lecture courses. The normal time for application for admission is at the end of the sophomore year and no later than the end of the junior year. Students apply for admission by contacting the chair of the undergraduate studies committee, who will examine the student's record to determine eligibility. Eligible students are asked to submit a letter of intent (no longer than one typed page) indicating (1) why he/she wishes to pursue departmental honors, (2) the faculty member who has agreed to work with him/her, and (3) a description of the proposed project (with a timeline). Upon acceptance into the program, the student should complete at least 9 credits of "A" research work, of which at least 6 credits will be CHM 4990. An additional 2 credit hours of "A" research work may be completed as collaborative research as specified in the letter of intent. The student also must pass with a minimum of a "B" grade two elective 4000-level elective chemistry courses and present the research results at a local or national ACS meeting or other specialized conference and as an oral presentation as part of the CHM 8000 seminar series. Full details are available on the Chemistry Department website.

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