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Wright State University provides computing, information, and communications resources for its students to support their learning and research. Access to these information technology resources is a privilege and requires adherence to this Information Technology policy as well as to other University policies, including but not limited to: World Wide Web (Wright Way 2001), Copyrighted Materials (Wright Way 2303), WSU Student Handbook, WSU Student Organization Handbook, and Student Housing Data Network Acceptable Use Policy.

Users of the University's information technology resources are also bound not only by those laws, policies, and regulations that are specific to computing, telecommunications, and networks, but also by all other international, federal, state, and local regulations and statutes that apply.

This policy applies to all use of the University's computing, information, and communications resources, whether administered by Computing and Telecommunications (CaTS), by individual University colleges and departments, or by off-campus units that connect remotely to the University's network and operate under the aegis of Wright State University. Privately-owned machines, while attached to the University network, are subject to the same policies as University-owned computer systems.

Responsibility for the use of the University's computing, information, and communications resources by minors (persons under 18 years of age) rests with their parents or legal guardians.


    1. Students must abide by the terms of copyright laws, software licensing agreements, and contracts that pertain to the University's computing, information, and communications resources. Reproduction or distribution of copyrighted works, including, but not limited to, images, video, text, audio, or software, without permission of the owner may be an infringement of U.S. Copyright Law.

    2. The University's information technology resources are intended to be used to fulfill the University's mission. Use of any of the University's information technology resources for personal profit or gain or for commercial purposes is prohibited.

    3. Students must be considerate in the use of shared resources and not perform acts that are wasteful of computing resources or that unfairly monopolize resources. Examples include but are not limited to junk mail, chain letters, games, creating unnecessary multiple jobs or processes, obtaining unnecessary output, creating unnecessary network traffic, or printing an excessive number of copies of any documents such as resumes, theses, and dissertations.

    4. Students may not access, send, or store any messages and/or material that is found to be fraudulent, harassing, or in violation of any local, state, federal, or international law.

    5. Students are responsible for the security of their computer accounts, including the changing of passwords on a regular basis. Students are also responsible for all activities that originate from their accounts. Computer accounts are University property and are deactivated according to WSU policies and procedures.

    6. Allowing another individual to use one's computer account and/or password is strictly prohibited.

    7. Students may not attempt to access another user's electronic communications, nor may they read, copy, change, or delete another user's files or software without permission of the user.

    8. Use of the campus network to gain unauthorized access to any computer account or computer system, to attempt to bypass data protection schemes, to uncover a security loophole, or to mask the identity of a computer account or machine is prohibited.

    9. Although the University respects the privacy of an individual's electronic communications, students should be aware that files and mail messages are not guaranteed to be private or secure. Files and messages may be viewed in the course of routine management of computing, telecommunications, and network services. In the event of a security breach, suspected breach, suspected illegal activity, or suspected violation of University policy, files and/or mail may be accessed by authorized personnel.

    10. Students may not deliberately perform an act that will interfere with the normal operations of computers, terminals, peripherals, or networks. This includes, but is not limited to, tampering with any component of a local area network (LAN), Intranet, or wide area network (WAN); blocking communication lines; or interfering with the operational readiness of a computer.

    11. Students may not install, run, or give to another user a program that is intended to or is likely to damage a file or computer system and/or reproduce itself on University computer systems. This includes but is not limited to programs known as Trojan horses, viruses, root kits, or worms.

    12. Software and/or information that infringes upon the rights of another or that gives unauthorized access to another computer account or system must not be placed on any University-owned computer system or computer connected to the University's network.


Alleged or suspected violations of the "Policy for Responsible Use of Information Technology -- WSU Students" should be reported to the Computing and Telecommunications (CaTS) Help Desk. All alleged or suspected violations will be reviewed in collaboration with the office of Community Standards and Student Conduct.
Abuse of information technology privileges is subject to disciplinary action, which may include the loss of these privileges and other disciplinary sanctions up to and including dismissal. A student who abuses the University's computing, information, and communications resources may also be subject to civil action and/or criminal prosecution. Wright State University will pursue criminal and civil prosecution of violators when appropriate. Individuals will also be responsible for any financial loss to the University that results from inappropriate use of information technology resources.

Revised April 2006

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