Connect to Pilot within Dreamweaver

Using WebDAV, you can drag and drop files, and folders full of files, from a Dreamweaver site on your computer into your Pilot course.

Get the WebDAV URL

To get the URL that you will need to set up a connection from Dreamweaver to Pilot, you can add the Dreamweaver WebDAV Connection widget to your course. (Students won't see the widget.) Or you can paste the following code into an unpublished News item:{OrgUnitPath}

Pilot will fill in the information for your course.

Set up a Site and WebDAV Connection in Dreamweaver CS5 and CS6

  1. Click the Site menu, choose New Site and select the folder where you will keep your course's files on your computer.
  2. If you have already set up a site in Dreamweaver, pull down the Site menu and choose Manage Sites. Select your site in the list and click the pencil icon below the list to Edit the site.
  3. In the Site Setup window, click Servers on the left.
  4. Click the + (a plus sign) at the bottom left corner to Add a new Server.
  5. Name the server whatever you want. You may want to use the name of your course, for example.
  6. For Connect using, select WebDAV.
  7. Paste your course's WebDAV URL into the URL box. (Ignore the Web URL box.)
  8. Click Save.

Upload Files to Pilot

In the Files panel, click the square icon that displays the label Expand to show local and remote sites when you hover your cursor over it.

The panel will open into its own window. Click the icon that's looks like an electrical plug to connect to Pilot.

You will see the files in your Pilot course in a column called Remote Server. Files in the folder you chose on your computer will be listed in a column called Local Files.

To upload a local file to your Pilot course, drag it from your Local Files column to the folder icon at the top of your Remote Server column, or to a subfolder. When your cursor displays a green circle with a plus sign, let go and the file will copy to the server.


By default, Dreamweaver displays the remote files on the left and the local files on the right. You may find it more intuitive to have the local files on the left so you can drag them from left to right. Also, it may be easier to remember that Local is Left and Remote is Right.

To switch the Local and Remote columns, go to Dreamweaver's Preferences, click Site, and change the order at the top of the window where it says Always show.