Using the Tegrity Mic (xTag)

You can check out a wireless mic to use with Tegrity from CaTS' Classroom Technology Support in 017 Dunbar Library. Just ask for a Tegrity mic.

There are three steps to using the xTag mic with Tegrity:

  1. Charge the Mic
  2. Unmute the Mic
  3. Check the Audio Level

Step 1: Charge the Mic

The red light on top of the mic will turn green when it is fully charged.

Before you begin recording with the Tegrity (or xTag) mic, connect the USB cord to the base, plug the cord into a USB port on your computer or other USB charger, set the mic into the base unit, and let the mic charge until the light on top of the mic turns green.

This may take up to two hours. In a pinch, you can do a "quick charge" of only 45 minutes, which will get you to 80% of a full charge if the mic isn't already partly charged when you start.

Step 2: Unmute the Mic

Press the button on the side of the mic to unmute it.

Important: When you lift the mic out of its base, it will be muted. You can tell because the light on top of it will be flashing red. So be sure to push the button on the side of the mic before you begin recording. The flashing light will turn green when the mic is on and ready to record.

Step 3: Check the Audio Level in the Tegrity Recorder

Check the audio level in the Tegrity recorder.

Your mic is charged. The base is plugged into the computer you will use to record your lecture. You have lifted the mic out of the base and unmuted it so the light on top flashes green.

Now, make sure the sound is getting to the Tegrity recorder.

If it is, you will see a green indicator respond as you talk into the mic. You may want to tap the mic a couple times to make sure the indicator responds to sound coming from the wireless mic, not from another mic, such as the one built into your computer.

If you are not getting sound from the wireless mic, you may need to click the "Settings" button and choose the Revolabs xTag mic to be your audio source. Or on a Mac, choose the xTag mic from the "Microphone" menu.

Step 4: Turn Off the Mic

When you are done, put the mic back in its base. Then unplug the base. The mic turns off and you can put it back in its box.

If you unplug the base without the mic in it, the mic stays on and beeps to warn you that it has lost connection with the base. But the mic will turn off if you set it into its unplugged base.

More About the xTag Mic

For more detailed information on using the xTag mic, see the instruction manual that comes in the box. Or download a PDF of the xTag manual.