Intro to Pilot: MyPilot

This is an online version of the CTL's "Introduction to Pilot" workshops for faculty. To view the videos, you'll need QuickTime Player, a free download. You will also find the videos in iTunes U, where you can easily put them on your iPod.

These Tutorials were Made with an Earlier Version of Pilot

In the new version, many of Pilot's tools work the same as before, but the interface may have changed. To reduce clutter, many options have been tucked into expandable menus. Look for small, downward-pointing arrows next to key labels and headings. You can access many actions by clicking one of those arrows.

05 Setting up your Preferences

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General Preferences

In pilot, there is a green circle next to your name when you are online. If you do not want students to see this, change your status to “Always appear offline”. Also, if your textbook publisher has a CD that you want students to view information, you can select which is your CD-Rom Drive. Note, this needs to be set by each individual user for their specific computer and it does not work for Macs.


Add an email signature.

06 Setting up your Profile

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The profile is an organization tool. Any information added to your profile will be available to all faculty, students and staff on Pilot. Only add information you feel comfortable sharing. The profile can only be managed by each individual person. Faculty cannot add pictures for their students. The pictures added in a person’s profile show up in other tools within Pilot. If faculty wish their students to have pictures, they must encourage their students to update.

  • Click on Profile in the My Settings widget.
  • Click Change Picture and browse to add your picture.
  • Add information that you wish for your profile.

07 Customized Widgets

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In Pilot, we have the ability to create customized widgets to add to the MyPilot homepage. Examples include:

“For Faculty” Widget

On the right side of your MyPilot page is a customized widget that we have created to share important links for faculty. Currently there are links for faculty to use to request developing courses in Pilot or WebCT migrations to Pilot.

“Student Support Services” Widget

On the right side of your MyPilot page is a customized widget that we have created to share important links for students. Currently there are links for students to go to web sites such as the WSU Office of Disabilities, WSU Writing Center, WSU Libraries, WSU STAC, and other student support web sites. This widget is customizable, so let us know if there are import web sites that should be included.

My Courses Widget

Your courses will be listed in you’re my Courses widget. If you have multiple roles in Pilot classes (example- Faculty, Student, TA), you will have tabs. You must click on each tab to see your classes. You can use the Search function to search for a particular course.

08 MyPilot Homepage Layout

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The first page that you see when you log on to Pilot is the MyPilot Page. Faculty do not have the ability to edit or change this page as this page is managed by CTL. The News widget will be used to share announcements that are important about upcoming events with Pilot. Announcements for potential downtime for upgrades, new features, training information, or other news will be shared in the News Widget. Other items you will find on the MyPilot page include:

Global Tools NavBar

At the top of the screen are tools that you can access anywhere while using Pilot.


The separate windows on the page that contain information are widgets.