Intro to Pilot: Course Homepage

This is an online version of the CTL's "Introduction to Pilot" workshops for faculty. To view the videos, you'll need QuickTime Player, a free download. You will also find the videos in iTunes U, where you can easily put them on your iPod.

These Tutorials were Made with an Earlier Version of Pilot

In the new version, many of Pilot's tools work the same as before, but the interface may have changed. To reduce clutter, many options have been tucked into expandable menus. Look for small, downward-pointing arrows next to key labels and headings. You can access many actions by clicking one of those arrows.

09 Homepage Layout

Watch video 09 | Find video 09 in iTunes U

After you click your course link on the MyPilot page, you will see the course’s homepage, or “Course Home,” as the navigation bar link is called. Items you will find on the course homepage include:

Course NavBar

At the top of the screen are tools that you and your students use to navigate the course. This NavBar is the single item that makes Pilot incredibly easy to use for faculty and students. If you are looking for course material and/or tools in Pilot, it is easy to remember to click on the NavBar, and most likely you will find what you are looking for. Nothing is hidden and is clearly defined. This NavBar is customizable by faculty for their own individual course. We are asking faculty to keep the tools in the same order and to NOT change the names of any of these tools.


The separate windows on the page that contain information are widgets. Faculty do have the ability to add and change these widgets to customize their own course.

10 News & Announcements Widget

Watch video 10 | Find video 10 in iTunes U

New items are a great way to make announcements to your student. Faculty create their own News items by putting in a title and description. To create a News item in the News widget area:

  • Click on the green plus add button in the upper left corner of the News Widget.
  • Give a headline and write your message in the content area. If you want it to appear immediately, you do not need to change the dates. To run spell check, click on the ABC button above the Content message. When you get a red line under a word, right click to get suggestions about correct spellings.
  • You may customize the availability by selecting the dates you wish it to show and disappear. Select the box above the start date to have the News Item start on a particular date. Select the box “Remove new item” and put in a remove date to have the news item disappear on a particular date.
  • You can also add attachments if you want them to have documents.
  • Click Save. The announcement will appear on the front page of your course immediately.
  • To edit a News Item, click on the pencil in the upper right corner of the news window. Make your change and then save.
  • To delete a News Item, click on the trash can in the upper right corner of the news window. Click Delete again.
  • Pilot will place the news items in the order that you add them. If you would like to change the order by clicking on the green up and down arrows, selecting the appropriate number, and clicking Save.