Intro to Pilot: Getting Started

This is an online version of the CTL's "Introduction to Pilot" workshops for faculty. To view the videos, you'll need QuickTime Player, a free download. You will also find the videos in iTunes U, where you can easily put them on your iPod.

These Tutorials were Made with an Earlier Version of Pilot

In the new version, many of Pilot's tools work the same as before, but the interface may have changed. To reduce clutter, many options have been tucked into expandable menus. Look for small, downward-pointing arrows next to key labels and headings. You can access many actions by clicking one of those arrows.

02 Changing the WINGS default to Pilot

Watch video 02 | Find video 02 in iTunes U

Faculty can change the default in WINGS to automatically go to Pilot.

  1. Faculty would go to the WINGS portal at and log on with campus password.
  2. Click on Academics tab.
  3. Click on Course Studio under the My Courses.
  4. In the “Course Schedule for”, select the term you are looking for.
  5. To the right of the course you will see a gray square with a pencil. Click on this icon.
  6. Select the LMS that you plan to use to teach. In this case you would see a selection for Pilot. Select it. Click Save change.
  7. When faculty or students enrolled in this course click on the hyperlink for this course, it will automatically launch the course in the Pilot course shell.

03 How to Access Pilot

Watch video 03 | Find video 03 in iTunes U

  1. Students and faculty can log on to the main Pilot site at and log on with your campus user name and password.
  2. Students and faculty can also access Pilot by logging onto the WINGS portal at, clicking on the Academics tab and selecting Pilot from the list under My Courses.

04 Requesting a Pilot Course

Watch video 04 | Find video 04 in iTunes U

Pilot is integrated with Banner and there will be an empty Pilot shell created for every course taught here at Wright State. This will happen automatically and will be available about a month before the start of each term. Students do not have access to these courses until the first day of the quarter. If you wish to have a Pilot class released early to your students, send an email to Chris Roberts or Sheri Stover and your course will be set for early release. If you wish to request a developing Pilot class to work on your class:

  1. Log onto Pilot at with your campus user name and password.
  2. Look to the right side of the MyPilot course to the “For Faculty” widget.
  3. Click on the link for either a “Request a new blank course” or to “Migrate a course from WebCT”.
    (Or just click on one of the links here.)