Intro to Pilot: Dropbox

This is an online version of the CTL's "Introduction to Pilot" workshops for faculty. To view the videos, you'll need QuickTime Player, a free download. You will also find the videos in iTunes U, where you can easily put them on your iPod.

These Tutorials were Made with an Earlier Version of Pilot

In the new version, many of Pilot's tools work the same as before, but the interface may have changed. To reduce clutter, many options have been tucked into expandable menus. Look for small, downward-pointing arrows next to key labels and headings. You can access many actions by clicking one of those arrows.

25 Dropbox Overview

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The dropbox is used when electronic files need to be uploaded to the instructor. You can set up separate dropbox folders for each assignment and restrict access to the folders by date and time, group membership, or special access permissions. Once assignments are submitted, you can download assignments as zip files, sort assignments by users, check submission times, grade assignments, leave feedback, and return submissions with comments, all from within the Dropbox tool.

26 Creating a Dropbox folder

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  1. Click Dropbox link in navbar.
  2. Click New Folder icon above folder list.
  3. Give title.
  4. Select if you wish to use plagiarism detection. This sends the document submitted by the student for a review to You receive an originality report for the dropbox submission. It takes about 10 minutes for a review. Each submission receives a plagiarism rating. A lower percentage rating indicated that the majority of the content is original while a higher percentage rating indicates high amounts of content matches from other sources and may require further investigation.
    • Blue: >= 0 and < 20%
    • Green: >= 20 and < 40%
    • Yellow: >= 40 and < 60%
    • Orange: >= 60 and < 80%
    • Red: >= 80 and <= 100%
  5. Create or select category if desired.
  6. Associate the dropbox with a grade item (must have been previously created) or create a New Grade Item.
  7. Add instructions if desired.
  8. You may add an attachment if desired.
  9. Add submission options:
    • Files allowed = unlimited or one file per submission.
    • Submissions = Keep all, overwrite, or only one allowed.
  10. Click Save.
  11. Creating Restrictions for a Dropbox folder
    1. Create your dropbox and add appropriate properties.
      1. Availability:
      2. Set a start date and end date for the assignment if desired.
    2. Add to the display if desired.
    3. Create a release condition if desired.
    4. Special Access:
      If you have a student that needs special access:
      1. Click Add Users to Special Access.
      2. Select the special dates availability for this person(s)
      3. Select the person(s)
      4. Click Add Selected.
    5. Click Save.

27 Grading Dropbox Assignments

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Grade/ Provide Feedback for Dropbox

  1. Click Dropbox link in navbar.
  2. Click Leave feedback.
  3. Enter point grade, comments, feedback. Press Submit.

Downloading all new student submissions in a dropbox

  1. Click Dropbox link in navbar. Click Files tab at top.
  2. Check the box above listings to select ALL.
  3. Press the Download button.
  4. Save file where desired. Unzip file to access student files.

Editing/ Deleting Feedback Left for Student

  1. Click Dropbox link in navbar. Click the name of the Dropbox folder.
  2. Click Feedback Left.
  3. Edit any feedback or grade.
  4. Click Save.

Email student who have not submitted

  1. Click Dropbox link in navbar
  2. Click the name of the Dropbox folder
  3. Click Email Unsubmitted Students button at top.
  4. Type message.
  5. Click send.