Couple having lunch at a table.

Take a Colleague to Lunch!

Observe each other’s teaching, then talk about it over lunch.
The Center for Teaching and Learning will pick up the tab!

Here’s how it works

  • Find a colleague whose teaching intrigues you.
  • Complete the brief application form and send it to Teaching Innovation Coordinator Carolyn Stoermer (
  • Once approved, observe each other’s classes.
  • Go to lunch and talk about your teaching.
  • Submit your lunch receipts and send Carolyn a brief follow-up e-mail in which you answer these questions: What did you learn? How might you implement something new in your own courses?

Other things to consider

  • All faculty are eligible once per year. Adjuncts and GTAs are eligible if they participate with a full-time faculty member.
  • 1st-year faculty, adjuncts, and GTAs can be in the same department as the colleague they observe; everyone else must find a colleague from a different academic department.
  • Each participant must save the lunch receipt and submit a follow-up e-mail to receive reimbursement, which is limited to the $9 per diem rate.
  • There are a limited number of opportunities each semester.

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