Message from the Director, Fall 2012

Director Sarah Twill describes changes coming to the CTL.

Change is in the air! In addition to welcoming semesters, the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) has welcomed new faculty and staff. I began my work at the CTL this summer. I’ve learned a lot and met many new people. I want to thank the CTL staff for all their help and hospitality in the transition.

The CTL is also rolling out new changes:

  • We wish Sheri Stover farewell and good luck as she leaves the CTL and moves to a faculty position in Leadership Studies in Education. Sheri will be hard to replace, but we are in the process of hiring two new instructional designers to assist faculty.
  • The CTL got a face-lift. Bright paint colors and new carpet make it a more welcoming space. Drop by for a cup of coffee and to chat with us.
  • The mid-semester course observations and student feedback process has been redesigned to make feedback more relevant to faculty needs. If you would like to discuss how this process could assist you, or you would like to schedule a mid-semester check-in, please email me.
  • While we will still offer workshops each term, we are in the process of rolling out year-long Teaching and Learning Circles (TLCs) that provide faculty a more in-depth conversation on a particular topic. I am already running a TLC for new faculty exploring adjustment to Wright State. Joe Law from the WAC program is hosting a four-part discussion on writing and critical thinking based on the work of John Bean. Next semester, Amber Vlasnik will co-host a TLC focusing on post-tenure women and their careers.
  • CTL is pleased to partner with the LEADER Consortium to enhance the campus climate for underrepresented populations in the STEM and Social and Behavioral Sciences. Thanks to LEADER for allowing the CTL and Dunbar Library to offer a workshop by Peg Boyle Single on dissertation writing.
  • Improvements in Pilot are coming on December 20th. In addition to a cleaner interface, the much requested improvement of being able to forward emails from Pilot to a different email account will be available.

In addition to the changes in our office, the university hired over 70 faculty, instructors, and adjuncts. Their research and teaching interests range from biological anthropology to computer security, and they come from as near as Dayton and as far away as Egypt. Brief introductions of the new faculty are included in this newsletter.

We look forward to working with you.

Sarah Twill

Director, The Center for Teaching and Learning