Core Curriculum

Sample topics to be covered in each of the five modules

Course Design

  • Developing a Philosophy of Teaching (how to develop)
  • Developing and Revising Course (workshop and checklist)
  • Taking Learning Styles Into Account
  • Developing a Good Syllabus
  • Developing Evaluation of Learning

Improving Classroom Teaching

  • Alternative Teaching Techniques
  • The First Day of Class and the Syllabus
  • Handling Hordes: Teaching Large Classes
  • Effective Lecturing, Leading Discussion Groups, Collaborative Learning Techniques
  • Teaching Skills of Critical Thinking, Writing, Value Development in Courses
  • Instructional Technology and Multimedia (set of workshops)

Assessment Techniques/Assessment of Students

  • Student Assessment of Teaching and Learning Techniques
  • Peer Observation and Feedback Techniques
  • Self-Assessment Techniques
  • Portfolio Design
  • Teaching and the Promotion and Tenure Decision

Policy Issues (required for all new TAs and highly recommended for all new faculty)

  • University Policies
    • Affirmative Action
    • Sexual Harassment
    • Academic Dishonesty
    • Classroom Emergency
  • University Services
    • Disabilities
    • lnternational Students
    • Computer Center (test grading)
    • Library

Diversity (Offered in consultation with the Office of Campus Climate and Bolinga Center)

  • Understanding our Student Population
  • Student Panels with Different Minority Groups
  • Films and Discussion on Diversity Issues
  • Disability Services Session