Faculty Development

The CTL offers training, assistance, consultation and evaluation services for new, tenure-track, tenured and adjunct faculty.

In-Term Course Analysis (ITCA)

The CTL assists faculty who wish to improve a course or improve their teaching of a course. A number of options are available while the course is in session (in term), enabling the faculty member to make immediate improvements without having to wait until the next quarter the class is offered.

Syllabus Analysis

Faculty may request a syllabus analysis be done before, during or after the quarter a course is taught. The CTL offers syllabus analysis as a stand-alone service or in conjunction with other options described below.

Classroom Observation

A faculty member may request an in-class visit by CTL staff at a mutually agreed-upon time. Afterward, the CTL will provide written feedback and, if the faculty member wishes, verbal discussion of the staff's observations.

Student Feedback

In-term student feedback may be collected, summarized, and shared with the faculty member with or with-out discussion of the results. This feedback can be gathered via any of the following methods.

  • Written feedback: students responding to a short survey with the questions created by the faculty and/or the CTL.
  • A focus-group type of open discussion with key questions provided by faculty and/or the CTL.
  • A combination of the two above.

Pedagogical Research Consulting

The CTL offers consulting services for pedagogical research that a faculty member might want to conduct regarding a given course or program.