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Christian Prince
Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Acclimate Technologies, Inc.

Christian Prince is the founder and Chief Technology Officer of , a software and services company headquartered in Dayton, Ohio. Acclimate provides advanced supply chain integration and analytics tools to the small and mid-size B2B market.

Christian has spent more than 15 years in the supply chain integration industry, integrating a wide variety of disparate enterprise solutions for numerous organizations. As a freelance consultant to some of the largest electronic data integration (EDI) providers in the country, Christian envisioned a groundbreaking approach to EDI that was a complete departure from the traditional technologies that had been maturing since the 1970s. Christian decided to pursue his dream of developing and marketing state-of-the-art supply chain integration solutions to the mid-market and founded Acclimate Technologies in January 2004. By early 2006 Acclimate Technologies launched SimplicIT, a modularized EDI / supply chain integration solution designed specifically to meet the unique challenges of the SMB space. SimplicIT's unique technology and architecture allows companies to implement EDI at about 2/3 the cost of traditional EDI solutions and to have much lower long term cost of ownership.

Acclimate has successfully implemented SimplicIT in several challenging vertical markets, including automotive, steel processing, large equipment manufacturing and Retail/Distribution. Today, Acclimate Technologies is in the beginning stages of using SimplicIT's modular technology to bring robust data integration to new industries, including healthcare.

SimplicIT's appeal and value to the SMB market continues to be apparent. Even in the challenging economic conditions of 2009, Acclimate's customer base grew by more than 130%.

In 2009 Christian stepped down from his role of president in order to focus on Acclimate's technology. As the company's CTO, he is responsible for determining its strategic technology direction. He is well versed in the latest technologies, including Software as a Service (SaaS), cloud computing, and the nascent Microsoft Live Labs Pivot technology. Christian's ability to apply new technologies to solve market problems has gotten the attention of Microsoft and national enterprise software companies.

Christian's vision is to elevate supply chain integration technology well beyond traditional EDI solutions. His vision is to utilize the tremendous wealth of supply chain data to help companies run faster, leaner, more profitably, and more competitively. As a data junkie, Christian understands the importance of technologies that integrate and mine supply chain data to provide improved operations visibility and increased supply chain health. Christian is working directly with Microsoft to help them apply some of their newest technologies to revolutionize business intelligence and data mining within the supply chain.
Christian is well connected with the high technology and entrepreneurial communities in the Dayton region. He is a frequent advisor to entrepreneurial and early stage companies.

Over the years Christian has led numerous technical training courses on a wide variety of subjects ranging from intelligence collection, logistics, provisioning, materials management, supply and distribution, RFID, and EDI. This fall Christian will be teaching a week-long class at Wright State University to help current and future EDI coordinators optimize their supply chain management processes and technologies.
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