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Anatomy Program Faculty

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Name Research Interests
Nancy Bigley, Ph.D. Herpes simplex virus, interferons and immune pathways
Thomas Brown, Ph.D. Cell death; Differentiation and development
Timothy Cope, Ph.D. Spinal cord synaptic plasticity; Motor systems
Adrian Corbett, Ph.D. Brain neurogenesis in response to injury
Kathrin Engisch, Ph.D. Neurotransmitter release
Robert Fyffe, Ph.D. Spinal cord—cells and circuits
Melvyn Goldfinger, Ph.D. Theoretical neuroscience
Dan Halm, Ph.D. Epithelial physiology; Secretory signal transduction
Ashot Kozak, Ph.D. Ion transport pathways in T lymphocytes: Calcium signaling; Ion channels in nociception
Barbara Kraszpulska, Ph.D. Medical and graduate education; Educational technology
David Ladle, Ph.D. Development of spinal cord reflex circuits
Dan Miska, M.S. Undergraduate anatomy education; Medical anatomy lab
Gary Nieder, Ph.D. Medical and graduate education; Educational technology
James Olson, Ph.D. CNS injury; Brain edema; Blood-brain barrier function
John Pearson, Ph.D. Educational media development; Neuroscience
Robert Putnam, Ph.D. Central respiratory control; Cell signaling; Neuroscience
Larry Ream, Ph.D. Medical and graduate education; Histology
Mark Rich, Ph.D. Synaptic plasticity; Critical illness myopathy
Nick Ritucci, Ph.D. Undergraduate and medical physiology education
Dawn Wooley, Ph.D. Virology, HIV-1, AIDS; Biosafety; Biodefense
Christopher Wyatt, Ph.D. Cellular mechanisms of oxygen sensing; Peripheral respiratory control


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