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Anatomy Site Changes

2011-01-21 swh

2011-01-20 swh

  • Added basic Key words, Page Titles, and Page Descriptions to the entire site
  • Updated the todo list

2011-01-19 swh

  • Added Table Striping Code to anatomy.css
  • Applied Table Striping to the Programs of Study page
  • Added the Faculty page
  • Added the Faculty page to the Left Nav Bar
  • Added the Opportunities page
  • Added the Opportunities page to the Left Nav Bar
  • Built Site Map
  • Added the Site Map to the Left Nav Bar
  • Added the Contact Us page
  • Added the Contact Us to the Left Nav Bar
  • Added the Site Admin to the Left Nav Bar

2011-01-14 swh

  • Created anatomy.css - left and right justify images with text wrap
  • Added anatomy.css to every page
  • Setup navigation
  • Added old content to main page
  • Adde the about page

2010-12-08 swh

  • Setup the relative path in all the templates

2010-12-06 swh

  • Moved the CoSM banner into /anatomy/ssi/
  • Fixed the path in twocloumns.html template so it displays in Dreamweaver
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