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Faculty Line #238 - May 6, 2020

 Faculty Office 

138 Fawcett Hall 

Faculty Line #238 

May 6, 2020 


As we wrap up Spring Semester 2020, I sincerely hope that you and yours remain well. 

This week, Faculty Vice President Brian Boyd and I began formal discussions with the upper administrative team as well as the AAUP Executive Committee on the University’s financial situation and ways forward. Brian and I will continue to regularly work with the Senate Executive Committee1 as well as the Faculty Budget Priority Committee2 for guidance in these discussions. Please reach out to your college representative on either of these committees, or directly to Brian or me, to share your ideas. We will continue to update you to the best of our ability. 

Just a brief reminder about summer classes, including student payment deadlines and refund dates.

“Due to COVID-19 precautionary measures, Wright State students registered for the summer 2020 semester will not have their class registrations automatically dropped for incomplete or non-payment of fees on April 20, 2020.” (Policy posted March 27).3 

Please also note the dates for 100% tuition refund: Summer Term 

First day of classes 

Last day to receive 100% tuition refund 

Monday, May 11 

Friday, May 15 

C (Full) 

Monday, May 11 

Friday, May 22 

Monday, June 22 

Friday, June 26 

Thank you for helping to communicate this to our students. The University fiscal team has sent reminders to students registered in Summer 2020 courses as well. 

Finally, we hope you are able to join us for this week’s SiP lecture, featuring Dr. Sydney Silverstein and Dr. Timothy Crawford, “Addressing COVID-19 Among Vulnerable Populations” (with collaboration from Population and Public Health Sciences’ faculty Naila Khalil, Jo Ann Ford, Nicole Kinzeler, and Cristina Redko). It takes place 

Thursday, May 7 (4:00-5:00pm); (Password: Raiders). 

Take care, stay healthy, and keep in touch. 

Most sincerely, 

Laura Luehrmann, Professor 

Faculty Senate President 


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Just a brief reminder about summer classes, including student payment deadlines and refund dates.