Office of the Controller

Departmental Purchase Orders


View University Policy 9320.5 Departmental Purchase Orders (Hard Copy) for detailed information.


The following exceptions to the $1,000 limit are currently in effect as noted on the instructional page of each DPO Form as follows:

  1. "Ongoing" repairs as well as emergency repairs during non-business hours
  2. Memberships, dues, seminar registrations, and honoraria (i.e. association dues, speaker fees, or game officials)
  3. Newspaper and periodical advertising
  4. Books, directories, and page reprints (non-classroom use)
  5. Banquets, ceremonial functions, and events including rentals of facilities (except those used on a continual basis)
  6. Service departments that make ongoing repairs may be authorized to exceed the limit. Emergency repairs during non-business hours also may exceed the limit.
  7. Food service/catering requirements with the university contractor may be ordered with a DPO even when in excess on $1,000.