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The Office of the Controller/Office of Business Support Services department serves as the central repository for information regarding the university’s institutional space.  This information comes in many different forms including building historical data, building names and building codes, room numbers, room/area types, function codes, subject codes, room descriptions and occupants and is all stored Wright State University’s Space Information System, Archibus. 

Our mission is to maintain the most accurate possible institutional space data and make the data available to the university community as a resource for making decisions that positively impact our university.  In addition to maintaining space data, Business Support Services also works in conjunction with Facilities Management and Services, The Office of the Registrar and other university departments to use the data to make the best possible decisions regarding the university’s space and building information.

Wright State Square Foot Definitions

  • Gross Square Footage (GSF)
    The Gross Square Footage is calculated from the outside of the exterior walls and is inclusive of all space within minus areas that are open to below.
  • Net Square Footage (NSF)
    The Net Square Footage is the total square footage of all the rooms/areas on a floor. This includes assignable and non-assignable rooms. Note: NSF calculations do not include wall thickness or space that is open to below.
  • Net Assignable Square Footage (NASF)
    The Net Assignable Square Footage of a floor is calculated by adding all the rooms on a floor, excluding public corridors, elevators, stairwells, and all types of mechanical rooms, public bathrooms, custodial rooms, and shaft spaces. Note: NASF calculations do not include wall thickness or space that is open to below.

Wright State OBR/HEI - Annual Utilization Report

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Space Survey Sign-off Form (PDF)

Notes:  Archibus can be accessed by going to your Wings site and found under "Administrative Services"