Honorary Degree

Procedures for Honorary Degree Nominations

Send a request to present a nomination to the committee prior to any nomination. The committee will review the request and determine if a nomination should be reviewed for further consideration. Approval of a request to nominate requires a majority of the committee but does not indicate approval of a subsequent nomination.  

A request must be submitted by 4th Monday in November for both commencements in the subsequent year. It may be submitted by anyone affiliated with Wright State University (faculty, staff, students, trustees, or alumni) and should consist of a brief letter outlining the contributions of the potential nominee.

The request should remain as confidential as possible. The potential nominee should not be notified of the request, nor should there be any attempt to solicit external support for the request.

Nominations may be submitted after a request to nominate has been approved.  The deadline for submission of all nominating materials, for both Spring and Fall Commencements is the 4th Monday in January. 

Nominations may be made by anyone affiliated with Wright State University (faculty, staff, students, trustees, or alumni).

Nominations must include:  

  • A narrative letter, in non-technical language, setting forth the reasons for the nomination. 
  • A full resume of the nominee, including accomplishments, honors, education and experience. 
  • A minimum of three (3) letters supporting the nomination from persons knowledgeable about the nominee’s contributions. 

A majority vote of the full membership of the committee is necessary to approve a nominee for an honorary degree.  

The deliberations of the committee regarding nominees should be strictly confidential.  

Nominations receiving favorable consideration by the committee will be recommended to the President of the University, who may subsequently recommend them to the Board of Trustees for further consideration and final approval.  

Submission Info

Initial requests to nominate must be submitted to Commencement Committee Chair Eric Rowley by the 4th Monday in November using one of the following methods:

Campus Mail: Eric Rowley, 248 Fawcett Hall

Email: eric.rowley@wright.edu

Online Form: https://wright.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_5cDINVleJt1vucd