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The Communications and Marketing group can help you reach your specific target audience through strategic marketing, media planning, and creative communications designed to fit Wright State's style and your objectives.

Please get in touch to discuss your specific communications goals. We'll find just the right look.


The Wright State University Office of Communications and Marketing has moved. Please note our new direct phone numbers below, as well as our new office contact information:

Office of Communications and Marketing
Wright State University
4035 Col. Glenn Hwy., Suite 300
Beavercreek, OH 45431
Phone: (937) 912-0646

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Communications and Marketing Staff

Denise Robinow
Executive Director of Marketing Services
(937) 912-0646

Theresa Almond
Senior Graphic Designer
(937) 912-0620

Mark Anderson
Senior Web Administrator
(937) 912-0621

Seth Bauguess
Public Relations Strategist
(937) 912-0622

Roberta Bowers
Senior Photographer
(937) 912-0623

Andrew Call
Media Relations Strategist
(937) 912-0625

Chase Cathcart
Web Developer
(937) 912-0626

Ulysses Drinks
Director of Administration
(937) 912-0627

Byron Duvall
Web Programmer/Developer
(937) 912-0628

Kerry Estes
Senior Graphic Designer
(937) 912-0629

Katie Halberg
Senior Writer and Editor and Social Media Strategist
(937) 912-0660

James Hannah
Assistant Director of Public Relations
(937) 912-0630

Mary Johnson
Financial Analyst
(937) 912-0632

Will Jones
Senior Publications and Marketing
University Photographer
(937) 912-0633

Susan Kracus
Web Coordinator
(937) 912-0634

Annette McCoy
Marketing Coordinator
(937) 912-0635

Cassie McKinney
Web Content Specialist
(937) 912-0636

Bob Mihalek
Communications Specialist
(937) 912-0637

Kyle O'Brien
(937) 912-0638

Cynthia Reis
Administrative Assistant
(937) 912-0639

Steve Rumbaugh
Graphic and Web Designer
(937) 912-0641

Chris Snyder
Photograph/Digital Imaging Specialist
(937) 912-0642

Jessica Sparks
Web Designer
(937) 912-0643

Karen Strider-Iiames
Director of Brand Development and Integrated Communications
(937) 912-0644

Ron Wukeson
Senior Editor
(937) 912-0645