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Women's Studies


The Women’s Studies Program offers a 20-credit graduate certificate in Women’s Studies that can be pursued in the contexts of the Master of Humanities and the Master of Arts in English Programs, as a complement to any graduate or professional degree program, or by nondegree graduate students. As an interdisciplinary program of women’s studies–designated undergraduate and graduate courses across much of the curriculum—Women’s Studies enables students to develop a specialty or subspecialty in gender analysis. For a list of approved courses and more information on the Women’s Studies Program, visit the Women’s Studies Web site: http://www.cola.wright.edu/wms/wmsprgms.htm/. See also Humanities, English Language and Literatures, and Selected Graduate Studies.


Admission requirements are a baccalaureate degree in any field with a 3.0 average, or a graduate degree in any field, or enrollment in any graduate degree program at Wright State University. Nondegree students must be admitted to the School of Graduate Studies with nondegree status. Students wishing to pursue the Women’s Studies graduate certificate must fill out a certificate application with the Director of Women’s Studies.

Course of Study

Certificate Requirements
Core Course 4

WMS 650 Feminist Thought or ENG 720 Women’s Studies Through Literature or an approved equivalent feminist theory course
Electives 16

Four electives are chosen from the list of graduate courses approved for Women’s Studies, including one of the courses designated as international or cross-cultural. Students pursuing the Master of Arts in English or the Master of Humanities can substitute one elective from approved Women’s Studies courses with four credit hours of ENG 799 or HUM 730 provided the focus of these are Women’s Studies oriented.
Other Requirements
1. No more than three courses in the same discipline can be counted toward the certificate.
2. No more than two 500-level courses can count toward the certificate.
3. A minimum grade of "B" is required for each course counted toward the certificate.
Total 20

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