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Aerospace Medicine


The aerospace medicine Master of Science degree program is conducted by the Boonshoft School of Medicine’s Department of Community Health, Division of Aerospace Medicine. The program addresses aviation and spaceflight biomedical issues including physiological, psychological, bioengineering, and clinical factors. Selection and periodic examination requirements for aircrew are detailed, as are normal and pathological changes associated with aircrew and the flight environment.


The minimum requirement for admission to the M.S. degree program in aerospace medicine is the M.D. or equivalent medical degree, a clinical year of medical training, at least steps one and two of the USMLE, and the general requirements for admission into the School of Graduate Studies, for North American physicians. International physicians need the MD or equivalent degree and be able to meet the general requirements of admission to the School of Graduate Studies. Prospective students communicate with the Aerospace Medicine divisional office for acceptance (not with the Department of Community Health). It is possible that certain advanced students can take individual courses in the curriculum and apply these to other degree programs.

Degree Requirements

Students must complete the required courses and a research project. A research thesis option is also available.


Stanley R. Mohler (Emeritus), aerospace medicine
Mary Anne Frey (Emerita), aerospace physiology

Associate Professor
Robin E. Dodge (director), division of aerospace medicine

Assistant Professor
Farhad Sahiar (director), aerospace medicine residency program

Morton Nelson, epidemiology
Adrienne Stolfi, biostatistics

Program Description

Required Core Courses
CMH 601, 602, 621, 622, 641, 642, 643, 651, 654, 655, 700, 701, 711, 721, 723, 726, 731, 789, 850 or 899

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