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Online Teaching and Learning (OTL) Certificate

The OTL certificate verifies that you have attended training on how to plan, build, and deliver an online or web-enhanced course, including how to use the university's course management system, Pilot.

To earn the certificate, participants must attend at least 10 hours of training from a selection of OTL workshops.

The following tracks are suggestions to help you choose which workshops you want to attend. You may choose workshops from different tracks to suit your needs.

The names and descriptions of our workshops change from year to year. So the track descriptions below list the topics covered, not necessarily the exact names of the workshops covering those topics.

For more detailed information, call Chris Roberts, X3943.

Basics Track

This track is for faculty who want to teach and manage a course in Pilot but don't need in-depth training on designing and building a course. Choose workshops that address the following topics.

  • Pilot Overview
  • Quizzes
  • Assignment Dropbox
  • Content and Accessibility
  • Communication
  • Grades
  • Course Administration

Designer/Builder Track

In this track, you'll learn an instructional design process to help you plan and build your online course in compliance with a respected set of quality standards. In addition, you'll learn to make instructional videos. Choose workshops that address the following topics.

  • Pilot Overview
  • Developer's Guide
  • Camtasia
  • Content and Accessibility
  • Facilitating Online Learning

Teaching Strategies Track

Aimed mainly at faculty already comfortable using Pilot, the workshops in this track delve into ways to make courses more effective and engaging. Choose workshops that address the following topics.

  • Developer's Guide
  • Online Communication
  • Facilitating Online Discussions
  • Camtasia
  • Active Learning
  • Flipped Classes
  • Scale-Up Classrooms