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Lecture Capture (Panopto)

What is Panopto?

Of the many ways faculty use Panopto, by far the most common is to record a video of a PowerPoint presentation with narration. Panopto uploads the video to the correct course where only students in that course can see it. Faculty may choose to allow students to record, too.

Panopto Features

  • Record in the office, at home, or in class.
  • Record everything you do on screen, not just PowerPoint.
  • Record video of the instructor synchronized with the screen capture.
  • When using PowerPoint, Panopto captures text to make videos searchable.
  • Add notes, links, and documents to the video.
  • Share recordings from course to course.
  • Students may view recordings on a computer or through a Panopto app for iOS or Android devices.
  • The mobile app may also be used to record and upload video.

To get started with Panopto at Wright State, see our Panopto Tutorials page.