Tegrity Tutorials

Tegrity is a simple way to record your lecture and make it available on the Web for your students to review.

There are three steps to getting started with Tegrity.


screen capture of the tregrity widget screenAdd the Tegrity Widget to Your Course Homepage

You will find the Tegrity widget among the list of ready-made widgets that you can add to your course homepage in Pilot. The widget includes a button you click that logs you into Tegrity. It launches a window that displays a list of all the recordings made for that course and provides a means to manage your recordings and make new ones.


photo of a tegrity microphoneCheck Out a Tegrity Mic from 042 Dunbar Library

CaTS has wireless microphones you can use to record your lecture in the classroom without being tethered to the computer. To borrow one, visit Classroom Technology Support in 042 Dunbar Library and ask for a Tegrity mic.

It's best to get a mic in advance so you can plug it into a computer and let it charge a couple hours before you use it.

Important: When you lift the mic out of its cradle, it will be muted. You can tell because the light on it will be flashing red. So be sure to push the "Mute" button on the side of the mic before you begin recording. The flashing light will turn green when the mic is on.

If you want to record from your desk, not in the classroom, a USB headset with a mic will work fine, too. The mic doesn't have to be wireless if you won't be roaming around the room.


Watch the "Introduction to Tegrity" Video and Read Other Tutorials for Instructors

For in-person training scheduled at Wright State, find upcoming workshops.