Qualtrics Tutorials

Qualtrics is a powerful but easy-to-use platform for making, sharing, and administering online surveys.  To use Qualtrics, go to wright.qualtrics.com.  Plug in your campus user name and password, just like in Pilot or WINGS.

Qualtrics is so easy to use that you could probably just start building a survey without any training. But the yellow "Help and Tutorials" button within Qualtrics will take you to tutorials and documentation that covers everything you need to know, and covers it well. Also, CaTS has compiled a list of frequently asked Qualtrics questions.

By default, you are limited in the number of surveys you may have active. If you need to do more than the standard role allows, faculty may contact Jeff Hiles, 775-318, to have those limits changed.

For all other support, please contact Qualtrics' support. You will find the contact information at the lower right of the "Qualtrics University" page you come to when you click the "Help and Tutorials" button in Qualtrics.

For in-person training scheduled at Wright State, see the CTL Workshops page.